Working day and night on a laptop causes headaches, so do these tasks, you will get relief immediately. Working day and night on laptop causes headache, so do this work, you will get instant relief

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Computers, laptops have become a part of lifestyle due to corona virus. Whether it is work firm home or school-college studies, it has become necessary to use computer, laptop for hours in every field. In such a situation, people have started having problems like headache, dryness of eyes as its side effect. Due to which most of the people are worried. The biggest reason for headache due to working on computer-laptop is eye strain which is happening due to focusing on the screen for hours. This increases the problem of headache due to the increasing decreasing light of the screen.

Do this work-
To get relief from a headache like problem, you adopt the 20-20-20 formula, that is, every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, you take your eyes off the screen and look up to a distance of 20 feet.
2 Avoid strong sunlight or any other light, and use dim light as far as possible.
3 Use a chair with handles while working on a laptop, and sit relaxed.
4 If there is an option of Night Mode Screen Light in the laptop, then use it during the day as well.
5 Lower the screen brightness to work for a longer time and then work, lowering the brightness will put less strain on the eyes.
6 Do not keep the font size small, always increase it. With this, you will not have to look into the laptop with your eyes.
7 Do not use overhead light during work, it will not cause double illumination.
8 To avoid headaches and protect your eyes, avoid looking at one-tuck screens, blink your eyelids frequently.
9 You work only in medium light, avoiding both more or less light. With this you can work for a long time. Also, you can take care of your eyes and headache.
If possible, avoid doing any screen work during break time, and use your glasses.