Crime – Woman’s body found hanging, dowry murder report

hear the news hear the news Asoha. In Ranipur village of Godiankheda gram panchayat, the body of a 23-year-old woman was found hanging from a tree in the field, 200 meters away from the house. The father of the deceased has filed a report accusing the son-in-law of dowry death. Godiankheda resident Shivdevi (23) wife … Read more

Bilaspur Crime News Entering the womans house to intervene during the dispute and assault

Publish Date: | Sat, 06 Nov 2021 04:48 PM (IST) Bilaspur. Bilaspur Crime News: A young man hid in a neighboring woman’s house to escape in the midst of a fight in Gudi of Sipat area. On this, the youths entered the woman’s house and beat her up. During this, on intervening, the youths also … Read more

The chain crossed the womans neck in the crowd of Navratri after 15 days now a crime has been registered

Publish Date: | Sat, 30 Oct 2021 07:29 AM (IST) Bilaspur. Crime News: Thieves crossed a gold chain from the neck of a woman who had come for Durga Darshan during Navratri. The victim has complained to the Kotwali police station. On this, the police registered a crime after 15 days and started the investigation … Read more

Gwalior Crime News The miscreants who robbed the old womans chain are still innocent on the fourth day

Publish Date: | Tue, 19 Oct 2021 04:51 PM (IST) – There was a robbery incident in Krishna Nagar Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior.Naiduniya Rep. There is no trace of the bike-borne miscreants who robbed the gold chain by swooping on the neck of a 67-year-old in Krishna Nagar on the fourth day. The incident of … Read more

Womans theory about death left internet users scratching thier head pratp People who got mad on the internet after hearing the theory said

Death is such a stage of human life’s journey, whose secret everyone wants to know. Some are satisfied with all the concepts mentioned on this and some are dissatisfied. Recently, a woman has given such a theory about death on social media, that people started banging their heads on the internet. The woman says that … Read more

Fathepur News,bike riders Ran Away With Woman’s Mobile

hear the news hear the news Fatehpur. On Wednesday, near the canal colony of the city’s Kotwali area, a woman riding a bike escaped with the mobile. When the woman raised an alarm, there was a crowd of people around. Police reached the spot to investigate. Atul Singh, wife of Sunil Singh, a resident of … Read more