Whatsapp is bringing new apps for Windows users, the whole design will change like this! Know everything about it… RIG24

New Delhi. Whatsapp is reportedly developing some new apps for macOS and Windows users. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp features tracker, citing Italian blog Agiornamenti Lumia, WhatsApp is developing new apps for Windows users. It is said to be a Universal Windows Platform based app which has been developed since inception. The app … Read more

Report: Indian users make the most of these dangerous passwords, see the full list here

New Delhi, First Published Nov 18, 2021, 7:16 PM IST Tech Desk. Password management service Nordpass has recently released a report which lists the most used passwords in India. You will be stunned to read the names of passwords given in this list. Let us tell you that the most used password is 123456. More … Read more

Attention Android users! Remove these 8 apps from your smartphone immediately, otherwise there will be a big loss

Android smartphone user alert! If you use Android smartphone, then there is news of work for you. Recently, information about malware (virus) has come in some apps. These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. Viruses can give you a big blow through these apps. Recently, some apps were removed from Google Play … Read more

Google Pay launches new feature, Speech to text will work in users’ own language. Google Pay launches new feature, will work in users’ own language

New Delhi: Google Pay to make digital payments easierGoogle Pay) has added another great feature. Now digital payment company Google Pay has included the option of ‘speech to text feature’ on its app. With the help of this feature, users can do any kind of transaction from the account by speaking. This facility will be … Read more

PhoneSpy Malware Attack infecting 23 Android apps so far here what you need to do | Smartphone users beware! These 23 apps are doing your pranks, do this work immediately

New Delhi. Malware attacks are on the rise. This year many users have been affected by this attack. In a new episode of Android malware attacks, a spyware called PhoneSpy has been found to infect devices in Korean markets across the US. This malware has been found to infect 23 Android apps, but thankfully, none … Read more

Malware attack on Android Smartphone by hackers: Alert! Users’ data in danger, 23 Android apps hit by PhoneSpy spyware – malware attack phonespy affected 23 android apps hackers attack your personal data

New Delhi. If you are an Android user, then we are going to tell you a news that will surprise you. By the way, it is obvious that there is always a threat of malware or spyware on Android users, due to which users can fall prey to any hackers at any time. By the … Read more

WhatsApp working on new apps for Windows, macOS Know Everything About It | Whatsapp is bringing new apps for Windows users, know everything about it

New Delhi. Whatsapp is reportedly developing some new apps for macOS and Windows users. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp features tracker, citing Italian blog Agiornamenti Lumia, WhatsApp is developing new apps for Windows users. It is said to be a Universal Windows Platform based app which has been developed since inception. The app … Read more

Android Users Alert! Uninstall These 9 Apps With Joker Malware, 7 App Is Smartphone App, While 2 App Is Smart Tv App, Google Banned These App From Play Store

Malware Alert: If you use Android phone then this news is of your use and you should pay attention to everything mentioned in it. Actually, even after all the strictness of Google, hackers somehow make a place in the Play Store and then steal data from people’s phones. Google has banned 9 such Android apps … Read more

Technology Tips And Tricks 5 Special Features To Be Available On Telegram And Not On Whatsapp Users Take Advantage Of It

Symbolic Image – Photo : iStock We use different platforms of social media everyday like Facebook which has now become meta, Telegram, Instagram and WhatsApp etc. All these platforms play a very important role in the communication that happens in our daily life. From time to time, these platforms keep adding different features to their … Read more

Alert 23 Android apps found with PhoneSpy spyware to steal users data and money reports Zimperium

New Delhi, Tech Desk| The incidents of online scamming and hacking are increasing rapidly these days. Cyber ​​security experts say that the reason for the rise of online scams is the corona epidemic. Experts suggest that the pandemic has prompted people around the world to spend more time on the Internet. Since the pandemic, people … Read more

Google new update allow Android TV users to download Play store apps from their smartphones Know How

New Delhi, Tech Desk| Google is reportedly working on a feature to download Play Store apps from smartphones to Android TV sets. This capability is rolling out as a server-side update and not all users can see it right away. However, many users are now reporting getting this new ability to install apps on their … Read more

Whatsapp new feature users can play and resume voice message if needed know which users will get this feature aaaq

WhatsApp has been spotted working on two interesting features. This messaging app was working to play and resume voice recordings. Along with this, work was going on to hide the status of the last scene on the app from some specific contact. Let us tell you that the feature is now being rolled out for … Read more

Viral Video: Woman drives away crocodile by showing slippers, amazing comments are getting on the internet. A video of a woman drove a crocodile away by showing her slippers on the internet is becoming very viral and users are enjoying it fiercely

Woman drives away crocodile by showing slippers If there is a crocodile in front, no one will dare to go near it. This is the reason why people are unable to live without reacting when a woman picked up her sandal and scared a crocodile out of the herd of crocodiles. This video has become … Read more

Fake Paytm App: Paytm App Users Beware! If you have not even downloaded it, you may have to go to jail – fake paytm app spoof paytm duplicate app is fake delete it right away may send you to jail

Highlights This app of Paytm is dangerous you didn’t even download delete immediately New Delhi. Fake Paytm App: In today’s time, almost every work of ours has been made easy by online payment. In the current times, it is no longer necessary that you have money in your pocket to buy anything. You can buy … Read more

Android users alert Google has banned 7 apps from Play Store remove these app Urgent can steal your personal data – Tech news hindi

If you download any app without thinking or click on any link boldly, then you may also be on the radar of hackers. We are saying this because Google has banned seven apps from the Play Store after they were found to be malware. However, some users are still using them bidas. If you are … Read more

After Android, Netflix now launched its gaming service for iOS users as well

Friday, November 12, 2021-11:04 AM gadget DeskVideo streaming platform Netflix has launched five new mobile games simultaneously. These games were earlier made available for Android users and now iOS users can also enjoy these games. Simply put, both Android and iOS users can now enjoy playing games along with watching videos on Netflix. Now Netflix … Read more

airtel 249 plan now offers extra data: airtel users silver, company is giving extra data with this plan absolutely free, quick check

Airtel Offer: Telecom company Airtel has brought a great offer for its users, in this era of inflation, the company will now offer extra data everyday to users with its Airtel Prepaid Plan of Rs 249. This offer is currently applicable for only one plan of the company, the thing to note here is that … Read more

Android apps crashing for some users, Google working on a fix: Popular apps crashing in Android smartphones, users complain

Highlights samsung smartphone app crash problem There may be error in the Android system webview Problems with Google Pixel and Motorola phones New DelhiUsers of some other companies, including Samsung, have complained that the apps on their smartphones are crashing. Users have complained about the crashing of the apps on Reddit. According to preliminary information, … Read more

This girl created a ruckus regarding the rent of the house, lashed out at the landlord that the users were divided on the internet

UK, First Published Nov 13, 2021, 5:56 PM IST Britain. The dispute between the tenant and the landlord over rent is not a new thing, but if the same quarrel comes on the internet. If there is a lot of debate, then maybe it is not common. A tenant’s post with his landlord has divided … Read more

Youtube removed this special button, now millions of users will not be able to see the Dislike count on the video

New Delhi, First Published Nov 13, 2021, 8:57 AM IST Tech Desk. YouTube has announced that it will make the dislike video count private on its platform, according to its official blog. That is, now you will not be able to see how much has been disliked on any video. Video-sharing platform YouTube has taken … Read more

Big change in YouTube, millions of users affected

Friday, November 12, 2021-12:38 PM Gadget Desk: Video streaming platform YouTube has made a big announcement saying that the company will no longer show you the number of dislikes on the video in the coming time. Regarding this decision, YouTube said that, “Sometimes people keep disliking a video. Will be able to dislike it. Only … Read more

Amazon Prime Video app introduces a new clip-sharing feature Know How It Works | Amazon Prime brought a bang feature, life users said – ‘How long have we been waiting for this…’

New Delhi. The tech giant is bringing a new feature to Amazon Prime Video that allows its iOS users to share video clips of TV shows and movies in the US. The company said that the clip can be shared on social media or via direct message. “While watching an episode in the Prime Video … Read more

Tips To Get Rid Of Laptop Hang Issue: Computer hangs frequently? It will be superfast in minutes, follow this simple trick – tips and tricks for computer and laptop users to get rid of hang issue follow this simple trick

Highlights Computer hangs? get rid like this computer will be superfast New Delhi. We have told you many times how you can increase the speed of your smartphone. So you probably won’t have this problem now. But it is not necessary that if the problem of the phone has been solved, then the problem of … Read more

WhatsApp is going to make a big change regarding its ‘Last Seen’ feature, users will get this benefit. Whatsapp new feature will allow users to hide last seen from specific people

Many new features are coming in WhatsApp Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow you to hide your last seen status from specific people. According to a report, the beta version of WhatsApp for Android now has an option to hide your last seen status from specific people. The report states that … Read more

Hollywood film Eternals kissing scenes during in hindu marriage customs users reaction – Entertainment News India

Marvel Movies movies have fans all over the world. These films are eagerly awaited. Marvel’s film ‘Eternals’ was released in theaters on Friday. The film stars Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Kit Harington among others. The superhero-focused film has received mixed reviews from critics. The film’s collection was fine in the opening days but … Read more

Amazon Prime Video new feature Share a clip lets users create and share 30 seconds video clips from TV shows

New Delhi, Tech Desk| Amazon is rolling out a new Prime Video feature that will allow users to share video clips from TV shows and movies on the platform. The clip can be shared on social media or via direct message. This feature is currently only available on iOS and is currently only rolled out … Read more

Instagram Testing Take a Break Feature to Control Mindless Scrolling Users to Get Reminders to Stop Using App | This interesting feature launched for people who are online for hours on Instagram, you also know

New Delhi. In today’s time the use of social media platforms has increased a lot. In this era of social media, if we talk about popular apps, then the name of Instagram will definitely be taken. Like WhatsApp, Instagram also keeps on releasing new features for its users from time to time. Recently, Instagram has … Read more

Upcoming whatsapp features except my contacts: Worry about privacy on WhatsApp? Amazing new feature for lo aa gaya users, see – whatsapp my contacts except beta for android users new upcoming whatsapp feature

WhatsApp Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp takes great care of the best experience and privacy of its users. The company has rolled out a new privacy feature for the users which will offer more control to the users. The name of this latest WhatsApp feature is My Contacts Except. What is this feature, let us … Read more

Download New State Mobile Game, Android and iOS Users Here

PUBG: New State has finally been launched in many countries around the world including India. The game was supposed to release today, November 11th at 9:30 AM, but the release was delayed by almost two hours. This new battle royale game developed by PUBG Studio has been released on both Android and iOS platforms. The … Read more

Instagram is soon bringing ‘Take a Break’ feature, now it will be easy for users. Instagram soon bringing take a break feature for better time management

symbolic picture Instagram has started testing a new feature called Take a Break to help people take a regular break from using the Meta-owned photo-sharing app and encourage users to engage in it. According to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, the long-sought take a break feature will remind users that they have spent a … Read more

PUBG NEW STATE Apps on Google Play. pubg new state. released. android users. india. check details. iPhone. smartphone.PUBG New State. , PUBG: New State launched across the world including India, know what is special in the new game

PUBG: New State Now available for download on Google Play Store all over the world including India. On Android, this game was made available for download ahead of time. However, due to a problem with the server, users (USER) were not able to play the game. The launch of the iOS version was also delayed … Read more

social media trending video | social media viral video | funny video | dance karte huye ladke ka pair fansa tent par | Users Reaction | instagram funny video | Trending Video: Boy’s dance performance robbed the whole gathering, people are laughing and laughing

Trending Video: Every day some video goes viral on social media. You can’t stop laughing after watching the video. These videos are very funny. One such video is trending even today. You can’t stop laughing after watching this video. what’s in the video In the video (Funny Video) you can see that a man on … Read more

Apple Starts subscription service for small business users SSND

Apple Inc. News: Apple Inc. has launched a new service for the convenience of small businesses. Apple Inc. launched a new subscription service aimed at helping small businesses secure the Apple devices used by their employees. Business Essentials is a service of Apple Inc. This service helps users to keep their data or other information … Read more

What Is The Relation Between Mohammad Kaif And Katrina Kaif? Former Cricketer Gave This Answer On User’s Question

Mohammad Kaif and Katrina Kaif Relation: Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is in the news these days for her marriage with actor Vicky Kaushal. According to reports, she and Vicky are going to tie the knot in December. Meanwhile, on social media, people are sharing different types of memes and jokes by relating to Katrina and … Read more

A special feature coming for Facebook Messenger, you users’ privacy will be more secure

Facebook is going to roll out a new feature, which will be a special feature for security. Facebook Messenger is rolling out end-to-end encryption for voice calls and video calls. Mark Zuckerberg announced about this feature a few days ago. Facebook also announced that the company is going to introduce end-to-end encryption feature for group … Read more

google play store: Are these 37 android apps also present in your phone then delete them immediately – google removed 37 android apps from play store users need to uninstall from their devices

These days the news comes in front of us that there are many such fake apps on the Google Play Store that steal the personal information of the users and pass them on to the hackers. Google recently removed 164 apps from its Play Store. These apps were downloaded more than 100 million times. These … Read more

Facebook Users These Nine Apps Deleted Your Phone Stealing In Password User Id

Facebook: facebook password – Photo : pixabay There is always a security risk with Android apps. Ever since the third party login facility has been introduced, it has increased further. Usually we login to an app from our social media account without thinking, but these apps also steal data. Many times a security agency discloses … Read more

Malware Malicious Apps Remove: Android Smartphone: 1 crore people downloaded these common apps, you will not even know and 3 thousand rupees will be deducted every month, check immediately – alert android users these 151 malicious apps or malware is dangerous remove from android smartphone

New Delhi. Cyber ​​Fraud has increased a lot in today’s time. Due to dangerous and malware apps, the incidents of fraud with the users are increasing. Although Apple and Google are constantly trying to remove these types of apps, but despite all this, these types of apps are coming back on the App Store. Cyber … Read more

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal Tweets About Selling Used Cars, Gets Trolled by users know the reason

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Ola Used Cars Update: Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Ola recently announced that the company has sold over 1,000 cars through its used car platform Ola Cars. Sharing this information via a Twitter post, Agarwal said that over 1000 used cars were sold last weekend, leading up to Dhanteras on November … Read more

24 android apps exposed data: Android user is constantly under threat! Now these two dozen apps have exposed the data of millions of users – these 24 android apps exposed users personal data check details

New Delhi. In today’s time the incidents of theft of personal data are increasing a lot and in such a situation everyone needs to be alert. Recently some apps have been seen, which are becoming the reason for collecting personal data of users. More than 24 Android apps with over 100 million users have been … Read more

Five years of demonetisation, users made fun of social media

On Monday, on the occasion of the Modi government’s decision to take out the big notes in the country, the world of Twitter and Facebook laughed about this decision, satire on the media about the video clips of old news like intelligence computer chip in the note and The cartoon and the public’s torment due … Read more

Pixel 6 is making calls automatically without dialing, users are complaining

Pixel 6 smartphone users are battling a bug these days. There are reports that users are facing a calling bug, which selects a number from the contact list on a random basis and makes a phone call on it. Initial reports suggested that Google Assistant may be to blame for this bug. However, there are … Read more

Now users can do offline UPI transactions, no need for smartphone and internet. Now do offline UPI transactions, no need for smartphone and internet

New Delhi: The country has completed 5 years of demonetisation. Digital payments came into vogue in the country only after demonetisation. Prior to that most Indians were dependent on cash transactions only. Now if you see, whether it is a tea shop, a vegetable seller or a big showroom, you will definitely find UPI code … Read more

Amazon app quiz november 8 2021 is a chance for users to win 10 thousand rupees in india get best way to earn money at home easily aaaq

Amazon App Quiz November 8, 2021: A new edition of Daily App Quiz has started on the e-commerce platform Amazon. Online shopping platform Amazon is giving a chance to win Rs 10,000 on Amazon Pay Balance in its quiz today. This quiz is available on Amazon’s mobile app. For information, let us tell you that … Read more

OFC high speed internet facility stalled, users were disturbed for 19 hours | OFC high speed internet facility stalled, users kept getting upset for 19 hours

Harda10 days ago copy link Annoyed by giving franchise to another service provider, the first one stopped the equipment BSNL high speed internet facility was completely stalled for more than 24 hours due to service provider and departmental tussle. Due to this, the service providers from the kiosk center, people working online and many private … Read more

Elon Musk Says He Will Sell 10% Of His Tesla Stock If Twitter Users Vote For Him

New Delhi, Auto Desk. Tesla Stock Update: America’s automaker Tesla CEO Elon Musk is very active on Twitter. For now, Musk has asked his followers if he should sell 10 percent of his Tesla stock. He offered to sell his Tesla stake on the social media platform and asked people for their opinion. Musk said … Read more

Android users alert uninstall these 151 fraud apps from phone immediately Report Avast

New Delhi, Tech Desk| Malware and dangerous apps are very common these days and despite Apple and Google’s efforts to remove these apps, they sometimes come back to the App Store. Cyber ​​security software provider Avast recently found that 151 Android apps were involved in a premium SMS fraud scheme. UltimaSMS was a scam campaign … Read more

In recharge of less than Rs 100, Vi users will get extra data benefits in these 3 plans, price starts from Rs 16…

Like Airtel and Jio company, Vi (Vodafone Idea) company also brings recharge plans equipped with extra data benefits for its customers. However, the difference is that Vi customers have only 3 options for extra data for less than Rs 100. But these three options are also very useful, in which customers get up to 12 … Read more