Business Tips Banana Chips Business You Can Earn 4 Thousands Daily By Selling Banana Chips – Business Idea: If you are tired of a job, then start this business, earning more than 4 thousand rupees every day

Rupee – Photo : pixabay There is a fixed amount of earning in a job and the work load is high. In such a situation, a person becomes very limited. On the other hand, the risk in business is slightly higher, but the profit is very good. In this episode, today we are going to … Read more

Earn Money Online by Smartphone: Earn thousands every hour! All you need is a cheap smartphone and internet connection – earn in thousands every hour by using ordinary smartphone and internet connection

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Snan started at the ghat of faith and religion thousands took a dip at Makhdumpur Ghat in Meerut

Meerut, Jagran Correspondent. This time the fair at Makhdumpur Ghat was flooded, but thousands of people gathered on Thursday night at the Ganges Ghat for bathing. It was about 12 o’clock in the middle of the night and the moon was full. Thousands of devotees took holy dip in the Ganges. The atmosphere became devotional … Read more

google maps speedometer: This feature of Google Maps will save thousands of rupees from deduction, use this way – google maps speedometer know how to use while navigating see tips and tricks

google maps speedometer: Have you ever noticed that Google notifies you when you drive over the speed limit? Tells you that you are driving your car at over speed. Today we are going to tell you how you can use it i.e. Google’s Speedometer to make city driving easier. Using this feature along with navigation … Read more

people gathered in Ranchi on demand of Sarna tribal religion code in census form | Thousands of people gathered on the demand of Sarna tribal religion code in census form, will travel to Delhi

Ranchi: The mobilization is intensifying in Jharkhand on the demand of separate religion code for Sarna tribals in the form of Census of India. On Thursday, in Harmu Deshawali of Ranchi, the people of Sarna organized a big conference on this issue and urged the central government to take a quick decision on it. Thousands … Read more

Most to least stubborn zodiac signs: Children with this zodiac are one in thousands, parents have to roll papad, know why

The zodiac signs have a huge impact on our behavior and children also come in this list. Certain types of behavior have been observed in the children of certain zodiac signs and these children are difficult to handle. Some children are also very stubborn. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to convince them and teach them … Read more

Burglary In Grocery Warehouse And Mobile Shop, Goods Worth Thousands I

Thieves showed their hands on Monday night in Asind and Pander towns of the district. Targeted grocery godown and mobile shop. Due to the alertness of the watchman, he was saved from theft in the warehouse while took away goods worth thousands from the shop. A report in this regard was given in the concerned … Read more

discount offers on yamaha 125cc scooters india: bumper offer has arrived! Thousands off on Yamaha 125cc scooters, see how much profit – diwali discount offers on yamaha 125cc scooters fascino 125 fi, ray zr 125 fi, ray zr street rally 125

Highlights Thousands off on Yamaha Scooters Take advantage of the discount till 31st October Scooter with sporty look and powerful features New Delhi.Discount Offers On Yamaha 125cc Scooters India: Yamaha has announced Diwali offers on its 3 Dhansu scooters for the festive season. This offer is on the company’s 125cc scooters, in which customers can … Read more

Thousands of people die a day due to Kovid-19 in Russia, yet there will be no lockdown. Covid 19 creating havoc in Russia thousand people died in just one day

At present in Russia the situation is very bad due to Kovid-19. Coronavirus in Russia, which is battling fast-growing cases of Kovid-19 and low vaccination rates, recorded a record daily death toll on Tuesday, but authorities are adamant that Lockdown will not be implemented again in the country. According to the government’s task force on … Read more

Market Buzz Indore There is tremendous booking in the automobile sector thousands of vehicles are booked till Diwali

Indore, Naidunia Representative Market Buzz Indore. The automobile sector has been witnessing a tremendous boom for some time now. After the Corona epidemic, many families want to travel by their own vehicles. In such a situation, the trend of buying a car has also increased in middle class families. Due to less infection, a better … Read more