solar electric car: here..sunlight powered electric car, will have free travel of 2414 km in 1 year – fisker ocean suv electric car unveiled that gives 563 km range and also work as solar car

New Delhi.Fisker has introduced its first electric car, the Ocean SUV, at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 in the US. Let us tell you that Fisker is a company that manufactures electric vehicles. The Ocean SUV looks similar to the prototype shown earlier. The special thing is that this electric car will work … Read more

Solar panels on the roof and a range of 563 km on a single charge, Fisker Ocean SUV introduced

Electric vehicle maker Fisker has introduced its first electric car, the Ocean SUV, at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021. Visually it is very similar to the prototype shown a while back. Its modern and powerful look can be liked by the youth. In terms of power and range, this electric car is no less … Read more

Internet System Failed By Removing Generator And Installing Solar – Internet System Failed By Removing Generator And Installing Solar…

hear the news hear the news Due to the slow internet speed in the area, people are facing a lot of difficulty in getting income, caste, residence, EWS from the functioning of the bank. Local people complained about this to various private and government operators but no action was taken. In such a situation, due … Read more

Today internet service may be stopped all over the world, solar storm is coming from space

According to scientists, this storm was born after an explosion on the surface of the sun. Its speed is very fast. According to scientists, satellite signals can be interrupted by this storm. Due to this its effect can also be seen on the flight of aircraft, radio signals, communication and weather. New Delhi. A solar … Read more

Solar storm today: Solar storm Likly too hit Earth in 24 hours, NASA Warns: Solar storm may hit Earth in next 24 hours, NASA warns

Highlights The solar storm is coming fast towards the earth, the speed is 1260 km per second NASA said very powerful, this storm is the most powerful category Internet may come to a standstill due to solar storm, GPS is also at risk WashingtonA powerful solar storm created by an explosion on the surface of … Read more

Solar Energy News in Hindi Business news in Hindi Electricity crisis

New Delhi, PTI. The noise of power crisis is being heard everywhere regarding the Coal Crisis. However, the government clearly says that there is no such thing. According to the demand of electricity, there is a provision of coal to provide adequate supply of electricity. Meanwhile, a study has also revealed that through the Rooftop … Read more