School Education News Mp Bhopal – A private company made the school’s playground a depot, troubled by the smoke

Private company’s arbitrariness continues for two years in government secondary school in Salaya – Burning asphalt daily, thick black smoke weighing heavily on children’s breath Superintendent of Police will do video call, will listen to your complaint Bhopal. The private company has made the sports ground of the Government Secondary School of Salaya as its … Read more

Firecrackers Smoke May Cause Lungs Diseases, Tips To Stay Safe

Firecrackers can cause damage to the lungs – Photo : Pixabay Medically Reviewed by- Dr. Abhimanyu Verma (specialist in pulmonary diseases) Chandigarh Diyas, candles, crackers and sweets, all these things make the celebration of Diwali special. Although health experts say, in this festival of happiness, all people need to take special care about their health. … Read more

Firecracker Smoke Can Increase The Problem Of Post Covid Patients

People buying firecrackers at GIC. – Photo : BASTI hear the news hear the news Firecracker smoke can increase the problem of post covid patientsThe problem of breathlessness can start by being in smoke continuously for half an hour. colony. This Diwali, 11718 people of the district who have been Kovid positive will have to … Read more