Ratlam News Theft Arrested In Ratlam During Checking Police Seized 30 Bikes ANN

Ratlam News: Police officers were also shocked to see the skill of opening 30 bike locks with one key in Ratlam. One such thief has been caught by the Ratlam police, who has carried out 50 incidents of theft at the age of 25. Ratlam SP Gaurav Tiwari said that complaints of vehicle theft incidents … Read more

Car Accident in Ratlam Car overturns near Ratlam city young boy died in accident one injured

Car Accident in Ratlam: Ratlam. The safari car overturned near village Pancheva Fante of Piploda police station area, about 50 km from Ratlam district headquarters. Due to this, a youth of Indore in the car died and his companion was injured. According to information received by Naiduniya, 21-year-old Neeraj Kakade, son of Vijay Kakade, resident … Read more

Ratlam Crime News Three people killed in a village in Ratlam district dead bodies were thrown into well

Ratlam Crime News: Ratlam. In Devrunda village of Sailana police station area of ​​Ratlam district, a young man and his two children were murdered by throwing them in a well, the bodies of the three were found tied with a rope to a water motor. The reason for the murder is being told over a … Read more

Ratlam News: Alot MLA’s parents booked for assault

Publish Date: | Mon, 01 Nov 2021 12:50 AM (IST) Alot (Naiduniya News). There was a dispute between the son of regional MLA Manoj Chawla and the son of journalist Durgashankar Pahadia over posting and commenting on the Internet. When the dispute caught fire, the elders also fought amongst themselves. It is alleged that the … Read more

Ratlam Crime News Two youths arrested with pistol and knife on highway of Ratlam

Ratlam Crime News: Ratlam The Bilapank police have arrested two youths carrying weapons on a bike from Satarunda Phante of Mau-Neemuch Highway (Nayagaon-Lebad Fourlane). A country-made pistol and a cartridge have been confiscated from one youth and a sharp-edged knife has been seized from the other youth. He did not tell from where the accused … Read more

Ratlam News: Smart meter consumption is getting live on mobile

Publish Date: | Sat, 23 Oct 2021 12:13 AM (IST) Ratlam (Rep. of New Zealand). The Energy Department, Electricity Company, Electricity Board etc. of about eighteen states of East, West, North South all regions of the country have learned smart metering from Indore. In the matter of radio frequency smart metering, other states of the … Read more

Ratlam News: Electricity consumers can register their mobile number sitting at home

Publish Date: | Wed, 13 Oct 2021 12:32 AM (IST) Ratlam. Consumers whose existing working mobile number is not registered with electricity accounts. They can register their mobile number along with IVRS number by visiting the portal of the electricity company. This mobile number will be printed in the next bill. All electricity related information … Read more