242 new cases of Kovid-19 infection surfaced in Odisha, three more people died

On Friday, 242 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in Odisha, out of which 45 are children. With the new cases, the total number of infected in the state increased to 10,46,559. The health department official said that with the death of three more people due to corona virus infection, the total number of dead … Read more

Gwalior Crime News 11 KVA wire was hanging broken old people going to get milk collided dead

Gwalior Crime News: Gwalior, New Dunia representative. An old man who was going to get milk in village Samacheli of Bhitarwar police station area died after hitting 11 KVA wire. At the time when this incident happened, preparations were going on in the house for the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. When the relatives … Read more

Guru Nanak Jayanti 2021 Celebrated as Prakash Parv Established Sikh Religion for Common people Viks

The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, is being celebrated across the country as Prakash Parv. Guru Nanak, who was the first Guru of the Sikhs, had an impact on Hindus and Muslims alike during his time. Along with preaching to eliminate social and life-related evils, he had shown such a … Read more

People Of These 4 Zodiac Signs Achieve Heights Very Early In Their Career, They Are Very Hardworking

Zodiac Sign Astrology: According to astrology, there are some zodiac signs in which people born are considered very hardworking. These people live by their hard work and achieve a different position in life. They start thinking about their career at an early age. Due to which they are likely to get success very soon. People … Read more

The great Aryaman said – Politics is not easy, first you have to understand yourself and then people | The great Aryaman said – Politics is not easy, first you have to understand yourself and then people

Hindi News Local Mp Gwalior The Great Aryaman Said Politics Is Not Easy, First You Have To Understand Yourself And Then People GwaliorOne hour ago copy link Students and teachers taking selfie with the great Aryaman Scindia in Jiwaji Club. Politics is not such an easy thing. Before getting into this, you have to understand … Read more

Mobile Number Upload On Porn Website – Put the mobile number of the girl on the porn website, the phone calls started coming, people did indecency with the girl

hear the news hear the news Lucknow. A young woman from the capital made a comment about the occupation of Afghanistan by Taliban fighters. This comment became trouble for him. Commenting on the Taliban was irritating to some. On this people sent indecent messages to the girl. Then the mobile number of the girl was … Read more

world heritage jaipur city established 18 november 1827 by sawai jai singh, world’s last Ashwamedh Yagya was held in Jaipur, the stepwell was filled with ghee for Havan, | 50 feet deep stepwell was filled with ghee, food was served to 3 crore people

Hindi News Local Rajasthan Jaipur World Heritage Jaipur City Established 18 November 1827 By Sawai Jai Singh, World’s Last Ashwamedh Yagya Was Held In Jaipur, The Stepwell Was Filled With Ghee For Havan, Jaipur11 hours agoWriters: Vishnu Sharma 18th century Jaipur. Jaipur, settled on 18 November 1727, has turned 294 years old today. The boundary … Read more

Arvind Kejriwal met with Great Khali Before Punjab Polls 2022 Social Media Memes Over Photo people said

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Dalip Singh Rana aka ‘The Great Khali’ on Thursday. Before the Punjab elections, the political meaning of this meeting of Khali is being extracted. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Dalip Singh Rana aka ‘The Great Khali’ … Read more

Can People Get Infected With Black Fungus Post Dengue, What Expert Says

Black fungus in dengue patients – Photo : iStock Medically Reviewed by- Dr Shrey Srivastava (Internal Medicine -Senior Resident) Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida Dengue cases are increasing rapidly in the last few months in all parts of the country including the capital Delhi. This disease caused by mosquito bites is considered fatal. Meanwhile, a case … Read more

People Who Does These Things Considered Fool Know What Vidur Niti Says

According to Mahatma Vidur, the person who hurts his family, friends and well-wishers or has hatred towards them, he is always called a fool. Mahatma Vidura, one of the great intellectuals of the Mahabharata period, used to steam things ahead of time. Apart from being a scholar, he was also a visionary. Whatever happened between … Read more

Deoghar Crime News Granddaughter said he came and killed her on grandmother murder know full story here | Granddaughter said ‘he came and killed her’ on grandmother’s murder, people were stunned when it was revealed

Deoghar: A surprising case has come to light from Deoghar, Jharkhand. Here an 84-year-old is murdered and the blame comes on an unknown youth. However, when this murder case came to light, the ground slipped under the feet of the people. what is the whole matter16th of November. The family members of the woman had … Read more

Best mileage cars under 5 lakh rupees: Cheaper than 4.5 lakh rupees: 4 lakh people bought this car across the country variants features

Highlights 4 lakh people bought Renault Kwid in 6 years Affordable car with great looks and features In terms of mileage, the Renault Kwid is quite promising New Delhi.Renault Kwid All Variants Price Features: There is a bumper demand for low-cost family cars (Cheap and Best Family Cars In India) in India and cars like … Read more

Sarkari Naukri/India Post Recruitment: Golden opportunity for 10th and 12th pass people, get complete information here

Sarkari Naukri/India Post Recruitment 2021: There is a golden opportunity for a government job in many government departments across the country. Many recruitments are still going on for the 10th pass people in the country. In such a situation, interested candidates can apply for these recruitments before the last date. A golden opportunity has emerged … Read more

Bhopal Arts and Culture News People are wowing after seeing the artistic skills of the treating hands

Publish Date: | Wed, 17 Nov 2021 04:51 PM (IST) Bhopal Arts and Culture News: Bhopal (Navdunia Reporter). Doctors, who give new life to patients by treating them, are creators, but they also have the skill of artistic creation in their hands, you may not believe it. But seeing an exhibition in the auditorium of … Read more

A dozen masked people came by car-bike, targeted toll workers, CCTV footage came in front, car number trace | A dozen masked people came from car-bike, broke luggage, window and computer, CCTV footage came to the fore

Hindi News Local Mp Ujjain A Dozen Masked People Came By Car bike, Targeted Toll Workers, CCTV Footage Came In Front, Car Number Trace UjjainOne hour ago A dozen masked men attacked the Ujjain-Unhail road toll block on Wednesday. The miscreants ransacked the toll. They also vandalized the computer barrier with sticks. Due to this, … Read more

Walt Disney’s Unique Creation in the Family Entertainment World, He Understands the Collective Psychology of People | Walt Disney’s Unique Creation in the Family Entertainment World, He Understands the Collective Psychology of People

Hindi News Opinion Walt Disney’s Unique Creation In The Family Entertainment World, He Understands The Collective Psychology Of People 4 hours ago copy link Jaiprakash Chouksey, film critic It is worth noting that in America, Walt Disney saw the sarcasm and sarcasm of the actors while making the fiction film and they rejected the idea … Read more

Rajouri Jammu Kashmir, covid – Woman dies of corona after a month in Rajouri, two people infected

hear the news hear the news Rajori. A month later, a case of death due to corona infection has come to the fore in the district. Corona-infected 50-year-old woman admitted in GMC Rajori died. According to the information, the woman was a resident of Thandi Kasi, she is undergoing treatment at GMC. In the district, … Read more

Rajouri Jammu Kashmir,awearness – People made aware about vaccination and covid prevention

hear the news hear the news Nowshera. An awareness program was organized in Government Degree College Nowshera in coordination with District Information Center Rajouri and Tehsil Administration Nowshera. During this, a seminar was organized, in which people were made aware to get the Kovid vaccine and follow the SOP. ADC Sukhdev Singh Samyal was the … Read more

Social Media Aided Violence In Amravati Nanded And Malegaon Over Tripura Violence Many Political People Name Associated ANN

Maharashtra violence: Maharashtra Police suspects involvement of many people behind the violence in Amravati, Maharashtra. According to the internal report of Maharashtra Police, not only some Muslim organizations were involved in this violence, but the names of political parties are also coming out. Maharashtra Police is probing all these names and their alleged roles. Sources … Read more

Cyber ​​Crime In Dehradun Cyber ​​thug fraud of two lakh rupees from three people

Police have registered three cases of cyber fraud worth Rs 2 lakh 63 thousand. The first case is from the city Kotwali area. Where the thug cheated a woman of 96 thousand by telling herself from the army headquarters. Jagran Correspondent, Dehradun. The cases of cyber fraud are increasing continuously. On Tuesday, the police have … Read more

Covid-19 effect: After corona, fog is attacking people, know its problems and prevention

New Delhi, First Published Nov 17, 2021, 12:26 PM IST health desk Even though there has been a decrease in the cases of coronavirus across the country, but those who have come under the grip of this serious infection are still battling its symptoms and the risk of it increased as the winter season approaches. … Read more

Health Camp – Expert doctors examined in health camp advice to people to stay healthy consultation – Health Camp:

Meerut. senior correspondent The benefit of medical facility should be available in rural areas. By reaching these areas, specialist doctors should be helpful in making people healthy. With the aim of taking this campaign forward, your own favorite newspaper Hindustan, in collaboration with the team of specialist doctors of Nutima Hospital, organized Healthy Hindustan Health … Read more

lifestyle changes 6 bad habits that keep getting you sick | These 6 dirty habits always keep you sick, most people make mistakes

New Delhi: There are many such habits in our everyday, which harm our health. If you do not change and ignore these habits, then it can become the cause of many serious diseases. You will always be sick because of these habits of yours. Know which are the habits, which you should change immediately. overeating … Read more

75 Lakh People In Maharashtra Didnt Get Second Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine

75 lakh in Maharashtra have not taken the second dose of corona vaccine on time (file photo) Mumbai: Mumbai 100% of the eligible population has received the first dose of the vaccine. in city covid Vaccination (COVID-19 Vaccination) started with 10 centers, but now there are about 460 private and public vaccination centers. There is … Read more

Benefits Of Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss And Diabetes Control – Today’s Yoga: These are the tremendous benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga, all people should practice daily

Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga – Photo : Pixabay Practicing yoga daily is considered essential to keep the body healthy and fit. Regular practice of yoga is considered beneficial for the circulation of new energy in the body and reducing the risk of all kinds of diseases. According to yoga experts, the practice of Surya … Read more

Coronavirus cases In India: 10,229 people infected with corona in a day, 125 people died – Coronavirus cases in india people tested positive people died due to covid in india

Coronavirus cases In India: The number of people who died of corona in the country has been decreasing since last week. In the last 24 hours, there has been a decrease in the number of people who died of corona infection (Covid 19 Death Cases). The data of corona infection that came out in the … Read more

Gujarat News in hindi 9 arrested including foreigner for Religion change more than 100 people by luring foreign money in Gujarat Bharuch district | In Gujarat, 9 arrested including a foreigner for converting more than 100 people by luring foreign money

Gujarat: A case of conversion has come to the fore of tribals of a village in Bharuch district of Gujarat being lured by foreign money. In this case, an FIR has been registered against nine people including a local person living in London. Giving information on this matter, an officer of Amod police station said … Read more

Health – Investigation report of 136 people from Lucknow, 42 dengue victims found

hear the news hear the news Pilibhit. Dengue sting is not taking its name in the district. The number of dengue victims has gone up to 206. However, all the patients are said to be safe. At the same time, the number of malaria patients has also increased to 45.Despite the efforts made by the … Read more

5000 people expected to be employed in the next two years with an investment of Rs 2000 crore | 5000 people expected to be employed in the next two years with an investment of Rs 2000 crore

Alwar2 hours ago copy link More than 5000 new jobs will also be available. In the last two years, 500 industrial plots have been sold in Alwar district of Bhiwadi, the industrial capital of the state. This is 40 percent of the 1250 plots sold in the entire state. The state government has got revenue … Read more

6 People Betting Arrested, 22 Mobile Phones And One Laptop Recovered

hear the news hear the news Zirakpur. There was speculation in the final match of T20 Cricket World Cup. Mohali Police has busted a betting gang and arrested six people. The accused were running this racket in a flat of a society here. From where the police raided the accused and recovered 22 mobiles and … Read more

Vidur Niti Never Lend Money To These 3 Types Of People Vidur Niti Life Management Tips

According to Mahatma Vidur, a lazy person should never be given a loan. Because such people can never accumulate wealth. Maharishi Vidur was a knower of policies. Everyone was impressed by his sharp intellect. The policies of the famous Mahatma Vidur of the Mahabharata period are considered relevant even in today’s time. Whatever happened between … Read more

Numerology: There are signs of money rain on people with these birth dates in December, salary may increase

Numerology: People of these radix numbers can get good success in their career this month. Maa Lakshmi will have special grace. Money will keep on coming. Numerology December 2021: The month of December is going to be special for many people. But mainly this month will be auspicious for people with radix 3, 5 and … Read more

Manishankar Aiyar says some people says 80% Indians who practice Hindu religion are real Indians

Mani Shankar Aiyar targeted BJP on the issue of Hindutva.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspPTI Headlines Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar now gave a statement on Hindutva Said- Some people sitting in power consider 80% of the countrymen to be Hindus Iyer said that Congress considers all countrymen as Indians New Delhi : Congress leader Mani Shankar … Read more

Weekly Numerology Horoscope: Career of these Radix people will shine, will get money; Know how this week will be from the date of birth. Weekly Numerology Horoscope of november 3rd week read which mulank natives will get money

Weekly Numerology Horoscope: Like astrology, the nature-behavior, future, etc. of a person can also be ascertained from Numerology. For this only the native’s radix is ​​needed. Mulank is the sum of the digits of the date of birth of the person. For example, if a person is born on the 15th, then his radix will … Read more

People across the country celebrated Childrens Day posted thoughts on internet media

The birthday of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was made on 14 November as Children’s Day in the country. People expressed their views by posting on social media. Yogi Adityanath said that hearty congratulations and best wishes to the children and the people of the state on ‘Children’s Day’. New Delhi, Agency. The … Read more

Strong earthquake in Dubai ahead of 2021 T20 World Cup Final, stadium shakes, people panic. T20 World Cup 2021 final earthquake rocks Dubai just before New Zealand vs Australia match

New Zealand vs Australia, Final: Australia and New Zealand have a chance to become T20 champions for the first time 1/5 Before the final of the T20 World Cup 2021, there was an atmosphere of panic in Dubai when suddenly the entire cricket stadium started shaking. In fact, before the final, there was a strong … Read more

Crime – Report on four people who opened fire in Karaulia

hear the news hear the news Moozhag (Badayun). The police have registered a report against four people in connection with the firing on Saturday night in village Karauli of the police station area. So far no arrest has been reported in this case. Police is searching for the accused.On Saturday night, there was firing between … Read more

A film depicting the relationship between Bollywood and the Afghan people

The recording of this conversation with Sadat did not take the form of print. But the memory of this recording came back again when I read about the fall of Kabul and Sadat’s arrangement to move from Kabul to Paris. It was such a long, stressful operation that it itself sounded like a story from … Read more

Daily numerology: People born on these dates will get money benefits and career advancement on 15 November – Astrology in Hindi

Numerology Prediction 15 November : Like astrology, numerology also helps to know the future, nature and personality of the person. Just as there is a zodiac according to every name, in the same way, according to every number, there are numbers in numerology. According to numerology, to calculate your number, you add your date of … Read more

Political News in Bilaspur People are suffering due to rising inflation outcry due to Center policy Vijay

Publish Date: | Sun, 14 Nov 2021 11:05 PM (IST) Bilaspur(Naiduniya Representative).Political News in Bilaspur: District Congress Committee President Vijay Kesharwani said that the prices of everyday items are increasing wildly. Green vegetables have disappeared from the kitchen. The price of petrol and diesel has not increased so much till date. The people of the … Read more

Rashifal 15 November 2021 The day will be auspicious for the people of Aries there may be auspicious work

Publish Date: | Sun, 14 Nov 2021 06:59 PM (IST) Rashifal 15 November 2021 Aries Today will be a very auspicious day for the people of Aries. You can do good and auspicious work. There may be concern in the mind regarding the career of the child. The official class will be happy with you … Read more

Azamgarh… Shivpal said BJP does politics of caste religion | The people who change the name will change the government, the government wants to divide the country

AzamgarhOne hour ago copy link Praspa’s national president Shivpal Singh Yadav, who reached Azamgarh, targeted the BJP, people will change the government of those who change the name. Pragatisheel Samajwadi Party national president Shivpal Singh Yadav, who reached Azamgarh district, attacked the BJP fiercely. Shivpal Yadav has come to Azamgarh on a two-day tour. Social … Read more

‘Destroying social life’, lockdown amid rising cases of corona in the Netherlands, hundreds of people took to the road in protest. Protest against coronavirus lockdown in netherlands amid covid 19 surge

Protest Against Lockdown in Netherlands Photo – Twitter Protest Against Lockdown in Netherlands: Lockdown was imposed in Netherlands amid increasing cases of corona virus infection. After which a large number of protests took place in the northern city of Utrecht. State broadcaster ‘NOS’ reported that hundreds of young people gathered at the crossroads in Leuvorden, … Read more

Cyber ​​Crime Googles help is getting huge accounts are getting empty people of Meerut are becoming victims of online fraud like this

Abhishek Kaushik, Meerut. Google’s help is starting to outweigh. Online thugs are emptying accounts with his help. We are not saying this, but statistics are speaking. Of the complaints received in the cyber cell, 70 to 80 percent are such, in which the number was searched for a company or service on Google. There was … Read more

Illegal liquor business was going on under guise of cafe on Airport Road 70 arrested| Jodhpur: This wrong thing was being done under the guise of cafe, more than 70 people in custody

Jodhpur: Police raided the illegal hookah bar running under the guise of a cafe on Airport Road in the district and recovered 32 hookahs, 40 hookah pipes and flavors as well as 121 beer bottles being served illegally. The police detained more than 70 youths including restaurant operator Naresh Singh from here. This action was … Read more

Young People Are Coming In The Grip Of Diabetes Due To Changed Lifestyle

hear the news hear the news Mau. Diabetes, which is considered a disease after 40 years, but now it is being seen in the youth of 30 years. Where earlier the graph of this disease was seen in the youth up to two percent, now this graph has reached more than ten percent. At the … Read more

Members of pension schemes grew by over 22% in one year – PFRDA data; Know- How many subscribers are connected to which area? Subscribers of Pension Schemes increased by over 86 lakh in one year says PFRDA Data; Know- How many people are involved in which schemes? – Members of pension schemes increased by over 22% in one year – PFRDA data; Know- How many subscribers are connected to which area?

The Asset Under Management (AUM) in various pension schemes regulated by PFRDA as on 31 October 2021 increased to Rs 6,75,925 crore as on 31 October 2021 from Rs 5,12,752 crore at the end of 31 October 2020. The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has released the National Pension Scheme (NPS) and Atal … Read more

Entertainment TOP-5: From wild card entry of 3 people in ‘KKK 11’ till Amitabh Bachchan’s car is seized

Mumbai: The audience is very much liked by the reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 11’ (khatron ke khiladi 11). Last Sunday (August 23) two contestants were evicted from the show. Rohit Shetty showed Vishal Aditya Singh the way out along with Nikki Tamboli. However, now a tremendous twist has come in the show, which is … Read more