Working day and night on a laptop causes headaches, so do these tasks, you will get relief immediately. Working day and night on laptop causes headache, so do this work, you will get instant relief

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Computers, laptops have become a part of lifestyle due to corona virus. Whether it is work firm home or school-college studies, it has become necessary to use computer, laptop for hours in every field. In such a situation, people have started having problems like headache, dryness of eyes as its side … Read more

Attention Android users! Remove these 8 apps from your smartphone immediately, otherwise there will be a big loss

Android smartphone user alert! If you use Android smartphone, then there is news of work for you. Recently, information about malware (virus) has come in some apps. These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. Viruses can give you a big blow through these apps. Recently, some apps were removed from Google Play … Read more

PhoneSpy Malware Attack infecting 23 Android apps so far here what you need to do | Smartphone users beware! These 23 apps are doing your pranks, do this work immediately

New Delhi. Malware attacks are on the rise. This year many users have been affected by this attack. In a new episode of Android malware attacks, a spyware called PhoneSpy has been found to infect devices in Korean markets across the US. This malware has been found to infect 23 Android apps, but thankfully, none … Read more

Tips to get rid of app crash issue: If you are Mi and Redmi smartphone user then change this setting of phone immediately, otherwise you will have to face trouble – how to get rid of google app crash issue in mi redmi android smartphones know step by step process

Highlights Google Apps keeps crashing use these methods This method works for all Android devices Vedanta Kumar, New Delhi. Do you use Android smartphones from other companies including Xiaomi-Redmi? Does your phone also frequently crash Google apps? If you are troubled by these, then we have brought a solution to this problem for you. Sometimes, … Read more

Education Loan: How much exemption is available on education loan, understand the rules before filing ITR, check details immediately

Education Loan: At present, the time for admission in all professional courses including engineering is going on. Many students take education loan for studies. If any child of your household has also taken an education loan, then it is important to understand the tax exemption available on it. Before filing ITR, it is important for … Read more

Google banned popular Smart TV app you can also delete it immediately it may seem like a scam – Tech news hindi

Google Play Store has recently banned two dangerous apps from its platform. One of these apps is such, which people often keep searching on the Play Store. Actually, the two apps that the company has removed are Smart TV remote and Halloween Coloring. Kaspersky’s security analyst Tatyana Shishkova revealed the names of these two apps … Read more

Railways canceled these 12 trains, famous trains of Purvanchal are also included, check the list immediately before traveling. Indian Railway cancels 12 trains due to operational reason check list

See list of canceled trains, important information about 12 trains There is an important information for railway passengers. Indian Railways has decided to cancel several trains during the winter season due to some important operational reasons. These trains will remain canceled from December 1, 2021 to February 28, 2022. If you are going to travel … Read more

Microsoft launched the cheapest laptop! Knowing the price and these features will buy it immediately – microsoft affordable laptop surface se launched

If you are thinking of buying a cheap laptop then there is good news. Microsoft has launched its new laptop. This is Microsoft Surface Laptop SE, which is the company’s new affordable Surface Laptop. It is equipped with features like high-resolution display with 16: 9 aspect ratio, Intel Celeron processor and up to 16 hours … Read more

google play store: Are these 37 android apps also present in your phone then delete them immediately – google removed 37 android apps from play store users need to uninstall from their devices

These days the news comes in front of us that there are many such fake apps on the Google Play Store that steal the personal information of the users and pass them on to the hackers. Google recently removed 164 apps from its Play Store. These apps were downloaded more than 100 million times. These … Read more

Malware Malicious Apps Remove: Android Smartphone: 1 crore people downloaded these common apps, you will not even know and 3 thousand rupees will be deducted every month, check immediately – alert android users these 151 malicious apps or malware is dangerous remove from android smartphone

New Delhi. Cyber ​​Fraud has increased a lot in today’s time. Due to dangerous and malware apps, the incidents of fraud with the users are increasing. Although Apple and Google are constantly trying to remove these types of apps, but despite all this, these types of apps are coming back on the App Store. Cyber … Read more

Bladder pain syndrome treatment: If there is pain under the stomach in pregnancy, then instead of panic, do this work immediately

A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy. Sometimes there are too many changes in some of their organs. In such a situation, bladder pain is a common problem because most changes have been seen in the bladder itself. Today we will talk about bladder pain and also see the remedies related to them. Changes … Read more

these bad habits bringing you towards death leave them lifestyle news | These habits are taking your life in a mysterious way, leave immediately

hindi1022536 Bad Habits For Health: We all know that bad habits have a direct effect on our health, but many times we are not able to leave these habits even if we want to and these habits gradually push us towards death. Experts believe that if you do not give up these bad habits, then … Read more

Alcohol May Cause Brain Stroke, Expert Warns – Study Claims: This Habit Of Yours Can Increase The Risk Of Stroke By 40 Percent, Make Away From It Immediately

Brain stroke risk – Photo : Pixabay Stroke is one of the diseases that has seen the highest increase in the number of cases in the country in the last one or two decades. Brain stroke can be a life-threatening condition, according to statistics, one person has a brain stroke every 20 seconds. This number … Read more

Android users alert uninstall these 151 fraud apps from phone immediately Report Avast

New Delhi, Tech Desk| Malware and dangerous apps are very common these days and despite Apple and Google’s efforts to remove these apps, they sometimes come back to the App Store. Cyber ​​security software provider Avast recently found that 151 Android apps were involved in a premium SMS fraud scheme. UltimaSMS was a scam campaign … Read more

List of PM Kisan Yojana released, check your name in the list immediately

Jamshedpur : The government has released the list under PM Kisan Yojana. There is going to be great news for the farmers. If you are a beneficiary of PM Kisan Yojana then this news is only for you. The date for releasing the 10th installment to the farmers under PM Kisan Yojana has been fixed. … Read more

virus in android smartphone: Joker came to scare Android users once again, delete these 8 apps immediately otherwise there will be huge loss – Joker virus is back in android to prevent your data delete these 8 apps immediately

Highlights Joker virus created a stir 8 Android Apps Affected Instant delete from your phone New Delhi. The problem of virus or malware in Android smartphones has been going on for a long time. Sometimes there is a breach in the security of the phone and sometimes malware comes in the Android apps. One way … Read more

Fraudulent apps: Remove these 8 apps from your phone immediately, otherwise hackers will shop with your money : Alert! Remove these 8 apps from your phone immediately, otherwise hackers will shop with your money

Highlights McAfee disclosed in his report Warned people about 8 fraud apps If in your phone then remove immediately Hackers keep finding new ways to break into people’s security. McAfee Mobile Research reported in its report that a new malware was hidden in eight Android apps, targeting users in Southeast Asia and the Arabian Peninsula. … Read more

Apps with fake names and graphics are no longer good, under the new guidelines, Google will delete them immediately. Google play store new guidelines company will delete android apps with misleading names graphics from the play store

google play store Google has announced new guidelines for Android apps on the Playstore. The main objective of the new policy is to identify apps giving misleading information on the Playstore. The main purpose of this upcoming policy is to collect information related to the app, which includes the name of the app, icon and … Read more

Attention Android users! If you have these 151 apps installed in your phone then delete it immediately, know why

There are some dangerous apps that, despite being removed by Apple and Google, keep coming back to these App Stores. Despite all the strictness, fraudsters are stealing people’s data as well as breaking into their bank accounts through these fake apps. Recently one such shocking information has come to the fore, in which people were … Read more

Google Bans 150 Sms Scam Apps From The Play Store – Alert: Google removed these 151 dangerous apps from the Play Store, you should also delete them immediately from the phone

Tech Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Pradeep Pandey Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021 11:15 AM IST Summary UltimaSMS scam has been active for a long time in countries like America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Poland including India. Through these apps, the language information of the users along with location, IMEI number, mobile number … Read more

There is weakness in gold before Dhanteras, silver becomes cheap, check the rate of 10 grams of gold immediately. Gold silver price today gold rate remain weak silver price drops for 5th day ahead of dhanteras

Silver falls for the fifth consecutive day There is good news for those who buy gold and silver. Gold and silver prices fell in the Indian markets today amid weak global cues. On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), the price of December futures gold has increased by 0.1 per cent to Rs 47,695 per 10 … Read more

WhatsApp will not work in these smartphones from today on 1 November check list immediately

WhatsApp will not work in some smartphones from November 1. In such a situation, during Diwali, you may have trouble during message or video calling. In such a situation, immediately check if your smartphone is not included. New Delhi, Tech Desk. In the current era, Whatsapp has emerged as the most important instant messaging platform. … Read more

11 Dangerous Android apps identified on Google Play Store stealing bank details Remove them immediately says Zscaler ThreatLabz report

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Dangerous Android apps on Google Play Store have been identified. These apps are infected with Joker malware, which can harm you. Cybersecurity researcher Zscaler’s ThreatLabz report said on Tuesday that a total of 11 recent apps have been identified that are responsible for incidents of banking fraud. These apps are uploaded … Read more

Google removed these apps from Play Store you should also delete them immediately

New Delhi, Tech Desk. Action has been taken on fake apps from Google. According to the report, more than 150 dangerous apps have been removed from Google’s own Play Store app. All these apps were included in UltimaSMS campaign. Fraud was carried out with the help of these apps. Apps used to lure users to … Read more

Google has removed these apps from the Play Store, if there is any one of these apps in your phone, check it immediately. Google removed 150 malicious apps from Play Store check the name

This photo is symbolic. Android smartphone users often download apps from Google Playstore and unknown sources to meet their needs. If you have too many apps on your phone, then check the apps list of your phone once. Actually, more than 150 apps have been removed from Google Playstore, which were dangerous for a common … Read more

Attention! Delete these 8 apps from your phone immediately, otherwise Joker will steal all your information. ALERT Delete 8 android apps from your phone now otherwise Joker malware will take all your data

Joker Malware Attacked 8 Android Apps If you are an Android user and use these 8 apps, then there is bad news for you because these apps are affected by malware. The name of this malware is Joker and this is not the first time that this malware has attacked Android. Even before this, it … Read more

Joker Malware Infects 11 Android Apps At Play Store – Delete these 11 apps from smartphone immediately, may be victims of banking fraud

Some such apps in the Google Play Store have been identified that are infected with malware. These apps can harm Android users. Smartphone users install apps on their mobiles according to their needs. However, sometimes apps also become a problem for the users. Hackers and scammers steal the personal details of users through malware infected … Read more

Delhi High Court. Hindu Goddess. social media giant. sentiments of general public. sentiments of general public. Chief Justice DN Patel. Justice Jyoti Singh | Delhi High Court said – remove objectionable content against Hindu gods and goddesses immediately

Hindi News National Delhi High Court. Hindu Goddess. Social Media Giant. Sentiments Of General Public. Sentiments Of General Public. Chief Justice DN Patel. Justice Jyoti Singh Delhi8 hours ago The Delhi High Court on Friday ordered Twitter to remove objectionable content on Hindu deities. The court said that the social media company should take care … Read more

what foods are bad for stroke: Stroke Attack: These 4 dangerous foods will block the nerves of the brain, Dr. said- If you want to avoid brain stroke, then make a distance from them immediately

Stroke usually occurs when blood flow to a part of the brain stops. Apparently it damages brain tissue. Unhealthy food habits, obesity and lack of exercise are some of the lifestyle factors that increase the risk of stroke. Giving information to a news website, Dr. Praveen Gupta, Principal Director and Head of Neurological Department, Fortis … Read more

PM Kisan installment of 75 lakh farmers pending immediately check your name in the new list or else you will not get the 10th installment – Business News India

PM Kisan 2021 Latest News: Before the 10th installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi arrives, you must check your Aadhaar, account number and bank account number once. Because the slightest disturbance in these can deprive you of 6000 rupees of the Samman Nidhi. According to the latest data given on PM Kisan Portal, Rs 2000 … Read more

Bikes customers bat and bat on Diwali, these companies are giving bumper discount, know details immediately

New Delhi: Along with the loss of lives in the corona virus infection epidemic, automobile companies have suffered huge economic losses. Not only this, lakhs of people have lost their jobs due to the lockdown hanging on all the industries. As soon as the government ended the lockdown to increase the pace of the economy, … Read more

joker virus affected apps: The pauper Joker virus is back! Police Warning – Remove these 8 apps immediately, are they not in your phone? – joker virus is back with these 8 android apps belgian police warns alert delete these 8 apps immediately check list

The Belgian police recently warned Android app users about the return of the ‘Joker’ virus. One of the most persistent viruses, Joker attacks Android devices and hides itself in various apps on the Google Play Store. The virus is said to have enabled the user to subscribe to paid services without their permission. “This malicious … Read more

High blood pressure hypertension lifestyle food habits changes may lower your BP | These habits increase your risk of high blood pressure, take these measures immediately

New Delhi: The problem of high blood pressure or hypertension increases the risk of heart attack and heart diseases. If you are also struggling with the problem of high blood pressure, then change some habits related to your lifestyle. This will help in controlling BP to a great extent. Learn how you can reduce the … Read more

This dangerous app is not even in your phone, delete it immediately

Squid Game Wallpaper 4K HD App : Squid Game has become very popular in recent times. The craze of this series of Netflix is ​​visible. Fraudsters are also taking advantage of this popularity. The thugs have duped many people by making a fake app in the name of this game. After receiving frequent complaints, Google … Read more

wrong status may be deleted immediately new whats app feature | If you have made a mistake in the WhatsApp status, now you will be able to rectify it, new feature is coming

New Delhi: Facebook-owned WhatsApp makes some changes in its platform every day. WhatsApp is currently working on the Undo button to set the status. The company will soon bring the Undo button. Through this, anyone can edit the status on their WhatsApp instantly. The mistake made on the status can be rectified immediately. According to … Read more

Petrol Price Today: For the first time in this week, crude oil prices have come down, now what will be the effect on petrol and diesel, check new rates immediately. Petrol Diesel Price Today Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad Chennai Gujarat Assam Uttar Pradesh Kolkata

Record breaking rise in petrol prices continues Crude oil prices have fallen for the first time this week in the international markets. According to the news agency Reuters, the prices of coal and natural gas have fallen. That is why its effect is also being seen on the prices of crude. Brent crude has fallen … Read more

Liver failure: These 5 big signs of liver damage are seen in the lovers of drinking alcohol, leave this dirty habit immediately

Consumption of alcohol has become a part of the lifestyle of people today. Whereas the only harm of excess alcohol is harm. There are such damages that not only badly affect your liver. Rather, it also puts your liver in a condition from where it becomes almost impossible to recover. There are many liver diseases … Read more

Google Banned 3 Apps From Play Store allegedly stealing personal information Delete now From Your Phone | Google has banned these 3 apps that make people pauper, delete the list immediately

New Delhi. Google recently banned 150 apps as dangerous. Now Google has banned three more apps, which have several million followers. The company had revealed that removing these apps would benefit users who may have been duped into using them. If your smartphone also has these apps, then delete it immediately, because they can make … Read more

Google Alert! Delete these 19 thousand apps immediately, will empty your bank balance in a jiffy

Google Alert: Everyone in the country is using a smartphone, so they download many apps on their smartphones. But they did not know that they were going to be a victim of some incident. Yes, all the games and fake apps are harming you and your smartphone. Download only those mobile apps that are verified … Read more

Google Bans 8 Dangerous Cryptocurrency Apps: Fake Apps Stealing Personal Data! Google bans 8 dangerous apps, delete them from your phone immediately – google bans 8 dangerous cryptocurrency apps from play store delete from your phone immediately

New DelhiGoogle has banned 8 dangerous apps on the Play Store. These apps were being used by hackers for personal gain to trap users and steal their personal information. If these apps are also present in your phone, then delete them immediately. It is worth noting that 8 of the banned apps are related to … Read more

If you have these things in your laptop or computer then immediately

Tech News Desk-Nowadays the world has become digital. Now almost every kind of work is being done through computers, laptops and smartphones, that is, now people’s work has become much easier. Whether it is to open a bank account, send money to someone or ask for money from anywhere, buy a SIM card, people are … Read more

Joker Malware Infects 11 Play Store Apps: Joker came, brought the malware! Are these dangerous apps present in your phone too, delete them immediately – 11 android apps on google play store are found malicious says report delete them right away

Highlights These apps present in Android smartphones are dangerous Downloaded 30,000 times delete them immediately New Delhi. As we all know that there are many such dangerous apps on Google Play Store in which malware is found. Such apps leak the information of Android smartphones. Please tell that all these apps are infected with Joker … Read more

Top Zombie Movies: These are the 8 best zombie movies of all time, if you haven’t seen it then watch it immediately

Entertainment Desk, Amar Ujala Published by: Sankalp Singh Updated Tue, 10 Aug 2021 02:32 PM IST Parallel to science fiction, the craze of zombie films is also speaking loudly among the people. This is one of the major reasons, due to which many films related to zombie are proving to be super-duper hits after their … Read more

If you also have these apps in your phone then delete it immediately, there may be a big mess; Google removed from play store

Google has recently removed some apps from the Play Store. These apps were allegedly stealing personal information including login information and payment details of users. If these apps are still installed on your phone, then delete them immediately. Google has recently removed some apps from the Play Store. These apps were allegedly stealing personal information … Read more