Health recipe: To make breakfast tasty then try Idli Dokla, read recipe

When it comes to breakfast, instant food comes to our mind. Which can be made easily. In such a situation, we will tell you the recipe of Idli Dhokla. Which is quite easy to make. Delhi, First Published Nov 19, 2021, 6:07 PM IST New Delhi. We always think that something healthy should be eaten … Read more

Health Tips: If you are planning to go to yoga class, then definitely keep these tips in mind

Delhi, First Published Nov 19, 2021, 5:26 PM IST New Delhi. Keeping the body fit and healthy has become very important for everyone. Because in this tension and busy life, you do not have much time to take care of your health. In this case you find many ways. like going to the gym Exercise … Read more

Flipkart Health+: Medicines can also be bought on Flipkart, e-commerce company bought stake in online pharmacy

Flipkart today announced its entry into the healthcare segment. The e-commerce company has bought a majority stake in the online pharmacy Sastasundar Marketplace. (File Photo- Reuters) Flipkart Health+: Now the sale of medicines can also be done on Flipkart, the giant e-commerce company owned by Walmart. Flipkart has announced its entry into the healthcare segment … Read more

Benefits Of Sarvangasana Yoga For Health, All You Need To Know – Today’s Yoga: Know why Sarvangasana is considered the most beneficial yoga, what are its benefits?

Benefits of doing Sarvangasana Yoga – Photo : Pixabay To keep the body healthy and fit, it is very necessary to do regular yoga and exercise. Regular practice of Sarvangasana yoga can be beneficial for you. As the name suggests, Sarvangasana is one of those asanas that exercises the whole body. It strengthens all the … Read more

Health Benefits Of Soaked Black Chickpeas For Weight Loss And Digestion

Benefits of soaked black gram – Photo : istock Black gram has been consumed in the homes of all of us for years. Eating soaked black gram is considered to be more beneficial for health. According to health experts, if a handful of black gram is eaten in breakfast every morning, then it can be … Read more

Now the patient will get all the health information on one click | Now the patient will get all the health information on one click

Bilaspur3 hours ago copy link Under the National Digital Health Mission scheme, now the unique health ID card of the people of the district has started. This unique ID card will contain all the information related to the patient’s health. The advantage of this will be that if you go for treatment in any corner … Read more

Health news know the home remedies to relieve constipation in children lak

Home remedies for children’s constipation: Every human’s life has been affected due to Corona. It has had an effect on adults, children are also not untouched by it. Children’s studies have been disrupted. They have stopped playing outside. In a way, his life has been reduced to mobile and TV. In such a situation, there … Read more

Health Department Has Constituted 11 Teams, Four Will Run With Pm

hear the news hear the news Jhansi. Due to the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, the Health Department has formed 11 teams. Four teams will accompany the Prime Minister in an ambulance. Whereas, two teams each with the Chief Minister, Defense Minister and one team with the Governor will join the fleet. … Read more

Health Benefits: By drinking fig milk in winter, you will get these benefits, know how to make it

Delhi, First Published Nov 18, 2021, 7:41 PM IST New Delhi. Winter season has started. In such a situation, everyone feels that they should consume hot things. Due to which we also get heat and taste is also good. If you also want to keep your health good, then daily Anjeer Should be consumed with … Read more

Health Benefits: If you like to eat cilantro, then before that know its advantages and disadvantages.

Delhi, First Published Nov 18, 2021, 8:06 PM IST New Delhi. Pumpkin (pumpkin) Everyone likes to eat vegetable, especially with poori. That’s why it is made in our homes in most of the functions. Everyone tells us about its benefits. But today we will also tell you its disadvantages so that both of you can … Read more

Good Health Care Tips, By Drinking Water So Many Times The Day, You Will Always Be Fit And Drinking Time

Water Drinking Time: Water keeps our body hydrated and healthy. It is very important to live life. This is because every cell of our body needs water. Water is essential not only for your digestion but also for lung and brain function. But do you know how often you should drink water? At the same … Read more

Good Health Care Tips, To Reduce The Protruding Stomach, Do Plank Exercise Like This And Plank Exercise

Plank Exercise: The accumulated fat on your body near the abdomen and waist often spoils your personality. In such a situation, people do not know what to do to reduce this fat, whereas through plank this fat can be easily got rid of. But many people are often confused about Planck. Plank is the most … Read more

Good Health Care Tips High Blood Pressure Is Controlled By Consuming Whole Moong And Sabut Moong Health Benefits

Sabut Moong Health Benefits: Pulses are important in terms of taste and health. At the same time, one of these pulses is moong dal which is very beneficial for our health. On the other hand, there are two types of moong dal, first green peel and second yellow moong dal, apart from this, whole moong … Read more

Chirag Paswan taunts if Bihar has proper health facilities then why CM goes to Delhi

Patna, Online Desk. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar went to Delhi on a two-day visit on Wednesday. They will return to Patna on Friday. It is being told that in Delhi they will get their eyes checked. In the month of June, his eye surgery was done in Delhi AIIMS under the supervision of Dr. JS … Read more

Good Health Care Tips By Chewing The Food Properly, You Lose Weight Fast And Eating Habits

Eating Habits: Our body can be affected by many things. This either leads to good health or deterioration of health. If you want to lose weight, then you can change some of your habits. One such habit is to chew food slowly. In such a situation, you do not need to worry because here we … Read more

Bhopal Health News: Stress management lessons will be taught to doctors and nurses in Jaypee Hospital, there will be less dispute between patient and doctor-nurse

Publish Date: | Thu, 18 Nov 2021 07:49 AM (IST) Bhopal Health News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Many times in hospitals, disputes between doctors, nurses and patients and their families are seen and heard. One of the major reasons for this is that doctors and nurses of government hospitals have more work pressure. In such a … Read more

Health news know the benefit of vitamin c on skin lak

Vitamin C benefits on skin:We usually know Vitamin C more as an immunity booster, but it has been proved in science that Vitamin C is the most important vitamin to keep the skin young. It relieves the skin from the problem of premature aging, protects from sunlight and helps in preventing blemishes, blemishes, pimples and … Read more

Health – Daughter’s grandmother’s condition worsens

hear the news hear the news Pilibhit. The condition of the 62-year-old grandmother of the rape victim suddenly deteriorated on Wednesday afternoon. The girl’s father told that the grandmother’s condition has worsened ever since she heard the news of the torture and murder of the daughter. Grandma is already sick. He has a heart problem … Read more

Health Depatment Preparing For Third Wave

hear the news hear the news Department engaged in preparation for possible third waveHealth department alert after getting a case of coronaSamvad News AgencyDeoria. The health department has gathered in preparations to deal with a possible third wave. Preparations are being tested through mock drills. With the passing of the festival, the department has become … Read more

Mental health if your love one have depression symptoms help them from these ways

Tips to identify depressed people: Depression or depression is a common mental illness that most people have to face at one time or another. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 5 percent of the adult population worldwide is in some form of depression. When a person remains under stress for a long time, … Read more

Good Health Care Tips, Green Leafy Or Only Green Vegetables Which Are Beneficial For Health And Healthy Diet

Good Health Care Tip: Green vegetables contain a large amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. But even today people remain in a dilemma about whether green vegetables are better or green leafy vegetables. In such a situation, you do not need to worry because here we will tell you which of the two things is … Read more

Poor Oral Health Is Worse Than You Think; It Could Elevate The Risk Of COVID-19

Are you not taking care of your teeth? Turns out, not brushing your teeth every day could increase the risk of COVID-19 symptoms and lead to severe problems. Written by Arushi Bidhuri | Updated : November 17, 2021 5:16 PM IST Have you been ignoring your oral health? If yes, then you should start taking … Read more

Health Benefits Of Ghee In Hot Milk Good For Bones And Joint Pain

Ghee In Hot Milk: In winter, people often have problems with joint and bone pain. In such a situation, there are many home remedies that can give you relief in joint pain. In cold, you can drink hot milk mixed with ghee. You will get many benefits from this. Drinking ghee mixed with milk removes … Read more

Aaj Ka Health Tips Four Healthy Foods For Winter Season

What to eat in winter – Photo : istock priya pandey Dietician (Dietician), Ujala Cygnus Hospital Degree – B.Sc. (human Nutrition) Experience – 8 years Medically Reviewed by Ms. Priya Pandey Like every year, this year also winter season has started and it is getting cold in morning and evening. Where AC, coolers were running … Read more

Health Camp – Expert doctors examined in health camp advice to people to stay healthy consultation – Health Camp:

Meerut. senior correspondent The benefit of medical facility should be available in rural areas. By reaching these areas, specialist doctors should be helpful in making people healthy. With the aim of taking this campaign forward, your own favorite newspaper Hindustan, in collaboration with the team of specialist doctors of Nutima Hospital, organized Healthy Hindustan Health … Read more

Health Department Alert Regarding Zika Virus Infection

hear the news hear the news Mathura. The Health Department is on alert to prevent the spread of Zika virus infection in the district. The process of taking samples of people coming from outside states is going on. Recently, the process has been started once again after the sample report of 56 people taken by … Read more

5 Vitamin E Food Sources For Healthy Health, Know About Them 5 Vitamin E Food Sources for Healthy Health Know About Them how

Healthy Life Vitamin E is extremely beneficial for maintaining and improving skin and eye health. It also has a big contribution in strengthening the mechanism of the human body. If free radicals are bothering you, you should find a way to nourish vitamin E and protect your skin from unnecessary UV damage. By consuming vitamin … Read more

Amla is a treasure of health, know its benefits

Healthy Lifestyle: Amla is a treasure trove of properties and it enhances everything from heart and digestive system to beauty. know. If you want to improve your eyesight, then drink gooseberry juice mixed with honey. It is also beneficial in the problem of cataract. Amla contains a lot of chromium, which is beneficial for diabetic … Read more

Health Tips: These 5 yogasanas will cure cold and cold in winter, know the right way to do it

First Published Nov 16, 2021, 4:31 PM IST health desk As the winter season is approaching, the problem of cold and cold is increasing from children to elders. In such a situation, people are compelled to go round the doctors, but in cold, cold, cough, more people believe in domestic things than doctor’s medicines. In … Read more

Google Pixel 6: With the camera of this cool smartphone, you will be able to take care of heart track and health

New Delhi, First Published Nov 16, 2021, 4:05 PM IST Tech Desk. Google has added heart rate tracking and respiratory tracking (number of breaths in a minute) features to its newly launched Pixel 6 through the Google Fit app. These features were already available for Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a users. As the rollout is … Read more

Health workers are vaccinated in Har Ghar Dastak campaign for corona vaccination

Publish Date: | Tue, 16 Nov 2021 02:36 PM (IST) Raipur Health News: Raipur (Naiduniya News). Under the ongoing Har Ghar Dastak campaign in Raipur district, the people left out are being vaccinated for corona. Health workers are working hard to meet the goal of 100 percent covid vaccination with public support. Health workers of … Read more

Winter Health Tips: Health Benefits Of Eating Soaked Dry Fruits In Winter – Winter Health Tips: Why eat almonds, figs and walnuts soaked in cold, click here to know

Winter Health Tips: If you eat almonds, figs and walnuts soaked in water in winter, then these benefits will be there. New Delhi: Dry Fruits Benefits: Winter has knocked. Eating dry fruits is very beneficial for health, especially in winters. In the cold season, there is a fear of many problems like cold-cough, viral fever. … Read more

Navi Health Insurance got tremendous response, you can buy the policy on EMI of Rs 241. Navi health insurance registers a monthly growth of 143 per cent in delhi

Navi Health Insurance registers a monthly growth of 143 per cent in Delhi The health insurance product of Navi Health Insurance has received good response. Launched last December, Navi’s 100% digital, paperless app-based health insurance has received overwhelming response from customers in Delhi. With a comprehensive coverage of 313 network hospitals in all 11 districts … Read more

Health – Investigation report of 136 people from Lucknow, 42 dengue victims found

hear the news hear the news Pilibhit. Dengue sting is not taking its name in the district. The number of dengue victims has gone up to 206. However, all the patients are said to be safe. At the same time, the number of malaria patients has also increased to 45.Despite the efforts made by the … Read more

Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Op Soni Said – Death Rate Of Children In Punjab Is Less Than Other States

hear the news hear the news Mohali. The mortality rate of children under one year in Punjab is 19 per 1000 births. This is much better than the national rate, which is 31. This information was shared by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister OP Soni during a conversation with journalists on Monday. During … Read more

Health Workers Appointment At East Singhbhum

By: Inextlive , Updated Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 00:05:44 (IST) The shortage of staff in the District Health Department is going to end soon. Jamshedpur (Bureau): Under the National Health Mission, different posts will be appointed on contract in different programs. Its process has also been started in the district. According to the information, … Read more

202 health workers knocked in 5275 houses of 17 wards, dengue larvae found in 24 houses

Photo number: 35, 36 -34 people found suffering from fever, took samples for investigation -Pehowa Health Department’s second major awareness campaign Dialogue Associate, Pehowa: Community Health Center once again conducted an anti-larva campaign by 202 doctors and health workers in 17 wards on Monday. The teams of the department inspected 5275 houses during this period. … Read more

Health Tips: Eating more dry fruits than necessary can cause harm to your health

Delhi, First Published Nov 15, 2021, 5:55 PM IST New Delhi. We are always advised to eat dry fruits in winters. But do you know that consuming them in excess can also harm us. Due to which our health may deteriorate. In order not to spoil your health Today we tell you what kind of … Read more

Health Care Tips, Including These Herbs In The Diet Will Strengthen Bones

Bone HealthOur bones play an important role in keeping us fit and healthy. Without the support of the bones, we can have a lot of trouble in doing everyday tasks. This is the reason why we should keep our bones healthy and take care of them. As we age, the bones start to weaken. In … Read more

Health Tips: With a healthy lifestyle and diet, this is how we can stay away from kidney problems

Delhi, First Published Nov 15, 2021, 1:51 PM IST New Delhi. Today’s Lifestyle (Lifestyle) It has completely changed the way we eat. Due to which the parts of our body (Body Parts) There are quite a few effects. sometimes we liver (Liver) If we get a disease related to it, sometimes we have kidney problem. … Read more

Discrimination increases risk of mental health diseases study nav

Discrimination Effects On Mental Health : People who have to face discrimination are at higher risk of mental and behavioral problems for a short time or for a long time. This finding is a recent study by researchers from UCLA, the University of California Los Angeles. Study I have come to the fore. This study … Read more

Bhopal Health News Block 2 of new Hamidia Hospital will have to be prepared by November 24

Publish Date: | Mon, 15 Nov 2021 08:01 AM (IST) Bhopal Health News: Bhopal (Navdunia representative). Block-2 of the new building of Hamidia Hospital will have to be prepared by November 24 in any case. Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) of Health Department, Mohd. Suleiman has set this time limit. He has given the responsibility of … Read more

Health news anti inflammatory fruits may prevent the risks of dementia lak

Ant-inflammatory fruits prevent dementia: Dementia is a big problem for the elderly. By the way, with old age, many complications start bothering most of the people. But if forgetfulness also happens at this age, then how big a problem it can be, it can be easily guessed. In dementia, normal sense is also lost. Dementia … Read more

Diabetes Spoiled The Health Of Policemen Too

hear the news hear the news Noida. Half of the people do not even know that they are suffering from diabetes due to not getting tested on time. Health problems increase when treatment is started late. According to a survey, every second-third person in the city has the problem of high blood pressure and diabetes. … Read more

Cmo Inspected The Health Fairs

hear the news hear the news Muzaffarnagar. Chief Minister Arogya Swasthya Melas were organized at 43 primary health centers of the district. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mahavir Singh Faujdar inspected the health fairs organized at Primary Health Centers of Budhana Block.The CMO said that free health consultations, tests and medicines were distributed in the health … Read more

amazing health benefits of vegetable juice

You must be consuming vegetables, but do you know that along with vegetables, if you include its juice in the diet, then it will give many benefits to health. amazing health benefits of vegetable juice New Delhi. There are many benefits from the consumption of vegetables, the consumption of its juice cures many diseases. Many … Read more

Health news Are you facing vomiting during traveling try these home remedies to prevent it lak

Tips to prevent vomiting while traveling: Vomiting in travel is a big problem for some people. Due to this disease, the person not only has to suffer physically, but they also have to face embarrassment during the journey. Because of this embarrassment, many times such people do not even like to go anywhere. In medical … Read more

Diabetes Patient Never Believe On These Myths Can Affect Your Health High Blood Sugar Level Diabetes Diet

There is a myth that type 2 diabetes patients can consume as much high saturated fat as they want. However, diabetic patients should avoid doing so. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which blood sugar levels fluctuate uncontrollably. According to a report by WHO, about 442 million people around the world are suffering from diabetes … Read more

Types Of Depression Symptoms and Primary Treatment mental health news pra

Types Of Depression, Symptoms and Primary Treatment: Most of us are such people who have been victims of depression at some point in life. Actually, it is a disease related to mental, which if not treated on time, increases with time and at one time there is so much despair and frustration that he sees … Read more