Working day and night on a laptop causes headaches, so do these tasks, you will get relief immediately. Working day and night on laptop causes headache, so do this work, you will get instant relief

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Computers, laptops have become a part of lifestyle due to corona virus. Whether it is work firm home or school-college studies, it has become necessary to use computer, laptop for hours in every field. In such a situation, people have started having problems like headache, dryness of eyes as its side … Read more

If you are troubled by headache, then make these changes in lifestyle

Problems like headache persist, in such a situation if the problem of headache increases more then it can also become serious. Therefore, today we will tell you about some easy remedies, with the help of which problems like headache can be reduced. If you are troubled by headache, then make these changes in lifestyle New … Read more

Stories of UP politics When Mulayams own name became a headache know interesting story | Stories of UP’s politics: When Mulayam’s own name became a headache

It is said that ‘what is in the name’, but when talking about a leader like Mulayam Singh Yadav, then one has to admit that a lot has been kept in the name. Mulayam fought some such elections in his life, in which his own name became a headache for him. It happened that in … Read more

Headache Created For Science And Paper Pattern Candidates In Police Constable Recruitment Exam

Line outside the examination center. – Photo : Narnol hear the news hear the news Narnaul. Science and paper pattern has become a headache for the candidates in the examination of police constable recruitment being conducted by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission. In the said examination, 15 to 20 questions have been asked from Science … Read more

tips to get rid of slow internet: slow internet becomes a headache! Say this problem forever Bye, this way internet speed will be faster than rocket – tired of slow internet speed here are the tricks to get high speed internet in minute follow these steps

Highlights Wi-Fi speed is slow? are not able to do the necessary work Follow these steps, the internet will become faster New Delhi. Due to the work from home and online classes in the lock-down, there has been an increase in Wi-Fi connections from house to house. Internet speed has also been affected due to … Read more