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Paytm Share Market Gives Lukewarm Response To Paytm Ipo Should You Hold Add Or Sell The Stock This Is What Experts Take

Paytm Listing: Shares of Paytm’s parent company One97 Communications continued to decline even after a weak listing on Thursday. Its shares were listed on the stock exchange about 9% below its IPO price and then fell by about 27% to close at Rs 1,564. The company’s IPO got 1.9 times subscription, which many analysts said … Read more

Sapphire Foods Listing: Sapphire Foods shares have a strong start in the market, investors get a profit of Rs 131 on every share, this is the opinion of experts

Sapphire Foods India, the company that runs KFC and Pizza Hut, had a strong start in the market. Sapphire Foods Listing: Sapphire Foods India, the company that runs KFC and Pizza Hut, had a strong start in the market. Amid weak trends in the domestic equity market, it gave investors better listing gains on Thursday. … Read more

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In the coming trading days, Nifty can fall to the level of 17613. Nifty 50 Outlook: For the past few weeks, Nifty has been moving up and down in the range of 50 days SMA (Simple Moving Average) and 20 days SMA. According to the chart, the Nifty is showing a declining trend as it … Read more

Can DNA test help in choosing the right career, experts say ‘unscientific, destructive’

File photo of students who wrote the board exam. ANI Text Size: A- A+ New Delhi: How would you feel if someone told you that they could boost your child’s career in the future by doing a DNA test? It may sound strange, but a new edtech start-up, Genleap, claims to do exactly that, with … Read more

Share Market News Aaj Ka Paytm eroded 35000 crores of investors on its first day of listing, experts advise what to do do now

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The company targets to soon roll out multiple new products and to leverage the network and experience of Kubota. Stocks to buy: Demand in the consumer electronics sector remained low during the first two months of the April-June quarter due to the second wave of the Kovid-19 pandemic. In June, it started showing some improvement. … Read more

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Bhaskar Knowledge series | Expert view on share market | Madhusudan Kela | Nilesh Shah | Experts said- Patience, understanding and testing of time are necessary to profit from the stock market

Hindi News Business Bhaskar Knowledge Series | Expert View On Share Market | Madhusudan Kela | Nilesh Shah New Delhi2 hours ago copy link Investing in the stock market requires courage, caution, experience, patience, common sense and the test of time. Even if you do not have it, you can still earn good profit by … Read more

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The Latent View Analytics IPO will be open for subscription for three days from November 10-12. Latent View Analytics IPO: The IPO of Latent View Analytics, a company providing digital services, has opened today. Under this IPO of Rs 600 crore, investors will be able to invest till 12 November. According to the upper price … Read more

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Nykaa’s IPO received a great response from both institutional and retail investors. Photo- Indian Express Nykaa IPO: The IPO of Nykaa, a startup company selling beauty products, got 81.78 times subscription on the last day of the issue. This company is going to be listed on the stock market on Wednesday, November 10. Nykaa’s IPO … Read more

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Investors can earn handsome profits by investing in TCS and Piramal Enterprises. Stock Tips: The market has remained volatile for the past few days. However, in the case of individual stocks, after the announcement of TCS’s financial results for the September 2021 quarter, its price declined a business day ago. However, market analysts believe that … Read more

Patna News; Experts say over 1500 crores business happend on Dhanteras day Automobile remain on top | Money rain in the market after 24 months during the Corona period, the automobile market remained on top

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Ncrb Report: Health Experts Say Mental Health Damage Due To Corona Epidemic

Every day 31 children are committing suicide in India. According to statistics, in the year 2020, 11,396 children under the age of 18 ended their lives. This number is 18 percent more than in 2019. Experts believe that the Kovid-19 epidemic has caused a lot of damage to his mental health. Due to its shock, … Read more

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Meerut, Jagran Correspondent. Share Market News In the last two years, the stock market has made investors rich. Especially those who invested in the fall during the time of Kovid, they have increased their capital by four to six times and in some stocks up to eight times. In the fall of the market, where … Read more

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The new revenue sharing formula of the government will either reduce the profit of IRCTC or it may have to suffer loss. (Image- Reuters) IRCTC Share Price: IRCTC shares fell more than 20 per cent in early trade today and touched the lower circuit. This fall in the shares of IRCTC is a reaction to … Read more

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During Karva Chauth fast, you do not feel any kind of weakness or headache, it is important that you prepare for it a day in advance. Millennials sometimes face a big confusion between their tradition and lifestyle. His profession and responsibilities demand him to be fit and fit at all times. Whereas festivals and fasts … Read more

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Investors can get great returns by investing in L&T Finance Holdings, HDFC Life, Coal India and Tech Mahindra. (Image- Reuters) Stock Tips: Sensex reached 62 thousand and Nifty crossed 18600 for the first time on Tuesday amid the rise in Asian markets, but due to profit-taking, the momentum could not be sustained. On Tuesday, only … Read more

Stock Tips: IRCTC becomes 10th government company with 1 trillion market cap; Keep investment or book profit, this is the opinion of experts

IRCTC has become the tenth PSU in the country whose market cap has crossed the Rs 1 lakh crore mark. Stock Tips: Due to the strength in stocks, the market cap of IRCTC has crossed Rs 1 lakh crore (Rs one trillion) level today. It has become the 10th Public Sector Company (PSU) of the … Read more

Video: Do ​​not take any carelessness regarding mental health, know what experts say. Mental health common disorder and signs

It is very important to get treatment as soon as depression is known. Along with physical health, mental health is also very important. Mental health cannot be achieved by physical health. For this, in order to have a good quality of life, it is very important to have good mental health. People have to face … Read more

Latest Hindi News: Chronic covid can exacerbate other diseases present in a person: health experts – chronic covid can exacerbate other diseases present in a person health experts

(Uzmi Athar) New Delhi, Oct 17 (PTI) Chronic COVID-19 may not be as deadly and severe as acute COVID-19 and may be curable with time, health experts have said, but it can lead to a person’s existing diabetes and diabetes. Can make kidney diseases more serious. The criteria to objectively define chronic-Covid have not yet … Read more

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World Spine Day 2021: World Spine Day is celebrated every year on 16 October. Its aim is to spread awareness about diseases related to the spinal cord as spinal cord disorders are one of the major causes of disability. In an article published in Dainik Bhaskar newspaper, MS Ortho, Spine Surgeon (MS Ortho, Consultant Spine … Read more

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Will social media experts make Yogi government again? Preparation to train 10 thousand workers

The BJP has made preparations to field cyber warriors to save the reputation of the deteriorating Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh. In which social media and IT workshop is being organized in 18 mandals of Uttar Pradesh. After which the selected full-time workers will be given professional training on all social media platforms. This is … Read more

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