Food and drink will start in the train as soon as before, the decision of the Ministry of Railways, the news of Zee Business is stamped

Indian Railways: There is good news for those traveling by train. Taking a big decision, the Ministry of Railways has issued an order to start catering in trains as before. Very soon you will be served cooked food in the train as before. This will bring a lot of relief to the passengers. The ministry … Read more

World Most Expensive Water Drink By Nita Ambani Fact Check Celebrity Lifestyle

Nita Ambani – Photo : Facebook/NitaAmbani The name of Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani is included in the list of top 10 richest people in the world. Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in the country. Ambani Adani is another name of rich in India. In such a situation, everyone’s eyes are on the luxury life … Read more

Akshay Kumar John Abraham Deepika Padukone and these Bollywood celebs do not drink alcohol

Hindi News › Photos › Entertainment › These Bollywood stars are too afraid to touch alcohol, see the list entertainmentSat, 13 Nov 2021 07:38 PM 1/9 Bollywood stars work hard for their fitness. Many times these stars also make some such rules for themselves, which people are always inspired by listening. Today we will tell … Read more

Crime – Wife murdered for refusing to drink alcohol

File photo of Ramdulari. Dialogue – Photo : UNNAO hear the news hear the news Bighapur. For refusing to drink alcohol, the husband killed his wife by stabbing her several times with a knife. The police arrested the accused husband and recovered the knife. The death of the woman has created a furore in the … Read more

Bihar Politics Upendra Kushwaha said Liquor is a wrong thing dont drink follow the prohibition law

Liquor Prohibition Law has definitely been made in Bihar and it has benefited, but 100% benefit will be available only when everyone starts following the law. These things were said by JDU Parliamentary Board President Upendra Kushwaha in Jiradei, Siwan on Saturday. Marwa (Sivan), Dialogue Source. Liquor Prohibition Law has definitely been made in Bihar … Read more

Health Care Tips, Drink Basil Water In The Morning And Tulsi Water Benefits

Tulsi Water: The morning should be started with warm water, but if basil leaves are used inside hot water, it becomes even more beneficial. Today, the Tulsi plant is found inside almost every house. By the way, it is worshiped. But very few people know that Tulsi is not only revered but also very beneficial … Read more

Jaggery And Lemon Drink Is Helpful to Reduce Weight Know How To Drink Weight Loss Tips

Lemon is capable of treating a variety of health problems such as obesity, stones, acne and indigestion etc. At present, people become obese due to poor diet, excessive consumption of fast foods, no physical activity and stress. Apart from this, some people are genetically prone to obesity. But obesity and belly fat not only spoil … Read more

Drink That Promotes Weight Loss And Boost Metabolism

Metabolism Boosting Drinks – Photo : Pixabay A large population of the world is troubled by the problems of increased weight. With increasing weight, the risk of many diseases also increases. According to health experts, some changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle can be successful in losing weight. In a recent study published in The … Read more

Benefits of Giloy amazing health benefits of immunity booster Giloy decoction janiye Giloy kadha ke interactions brmp | Drink immunity booster in cold weather, prepare this decoction sitting at home, these diseases will not wander around

Benefits of Giloy: Today we have brought for you the tremendous benefits of drinking Giloy’s decoction. In the Corona era, people are taking various measures to increase immunity, in such a situation, decoction of Giloy can be a better option. Cold has knocked in North India. In such a situation, we can have many types … Read more

Healthy Drinks: Include this drink in the diet to increase metabolism and appetite. Healthy Drinks : To boost metabolism and appetite

healthy drinks By improving metabolism and appetite, you can get rid of many health related problems. You can improve metabolism and appetite by making some healthy changes in your lifestyle. Apart from this, you can also include some healthy drinks in your daily diet. These will help in flushing out the toxins from the body. … Read more

Influencer dies on livestream after social media users tell her to drink pesticide pratp

The world of the Internet is so strange that things happen here beyond your imagination. The people who are your friends on social media also do not care about you. Those who follow you may not even care about your death. We are saying this because a 25-year-old Chinese social media star was provoked by … Read more

Health Care Tips, Drink Brahmi Mixed With Milk To Always Look Young And Ayurveda Anti Aging Herbs

Ayurveda Anti Aging Herbs: As we age, our face starts glowing and the hair starts turning white. At the same time, wrinkles, freckles also start happening on the face and no one can escape from these changes. However, if we follow our diet and a good routine, then these problems can be avoided. On the … Read more

All You Need To Know About Water – Health Tips: Let us know about some information related to water, such as how much water we should drink.

Health Tips: Water is not only necessary for the external cleanliness of man, but water is also very necessary for the cleanliness of the inside of the body. Water also does the job of delivering oxygen throughout the body. New Delhi. Health Tips: Water is found in most parts of the human body. According to … Read more

Drink these two things in milk only for days no one will be able to guess your age diseases will remain far away

With ageing, many changes are seen in the body. Many times, due to these changes, the body has to go through many problems. In such a situation, there is a problem of fatigue, weakness, pain in the bones. The reason for this can be a lack of calcium in the body. In such a situation, … Read more