High Cholesterol Symptoms In Body, How To Manage Cholesterol Level – Experts told: Such signs mean increased cholesterol level in the body, know how to control it?

Signs of High Cholesterol – Photo : Pixabay In the last decade, the cases of heart diseases have increased very rapidly around the world. According to the World Health Organization report, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. It is worth noting that increased cholesterol level is considered to be the … Read more

Highcourt News Bilaspur Central Board of Film Certification said we do not have control over internet media and OTT platform

Bilaspur.Highcourt News Bilaspur: The Central Board of Film Certification, through its counsel, submitted its reply in the Chhattisgarh High Court saying that they have no control over the Internet media and OTT platforms. Therefore, it is beyond their jurisdiction to ban such advertisements. Chattisgarh Chamber of Commerce President and prominent social worker Ram Avtar Aggarwal, … Read more

Benefits Of Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss And Diabetes Control – Today’s Yoga: These are the tremendous benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga, all people should practice daily

Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga – Photo : Pixabay Practicing yoga daily is considered essential to keep the body healthy and fit. Regular practice of yoga is considered beneficial for the circulation of new energy in the body and reducing the risk of all kinds of diseases. According to yoga experts, the practice of Surya … Read more

Eat Dates In Winter To Control High Uric Acid Level Dates Benefits

Dates contain a significant amount of potassium, magnesium, copper and selenium, these elements help in making bones strong. Dates Benefits: Dates, it is a kind of dry fruit, which not only looks delicious to eat, but it also prevents many health problems. There are so many benefits of eating dates that it is called ‘Wonder … Read more

Add Coffee In Morning Routine To Control High Uric Acid Problem High Uric Acid Diet

According to a 2010 Nurses Health Study, people who drink more coffee than other people have a lower risk of developing gout. Gout and Arthritis are the diseases caused by the increase in the level of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is a type of chemical that is made in the body from … Read more

Home Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Level

How To Control Diabetes – Image : iStock Due to lifestyle and dietary disturbances, there has been a huge increase in the number of diabetic patients in the last decade. According to statistics, globally more than 33 percent of people aged 65 years and above are victims of this deadly disease. The serious thing is … Read more

Instagram Testing Take a Break Feature to Control Mindless Scrolling Users to Get Reminders to Stop Using App | This interesting feature launched for people who are online for hours on Instagram, you also know

New Delhi. In today’s time the use of social media platforms has increased a lot. In this era of social media, if we talk about popular apps, then the name of Instagram will definitely be taken. Like WhatsApp, Instagram also keeps on releasing new features for its users from time to time. Recently, Instagram has … Read more

Weight loss fruits: know amazing health benefits of dragon fruit from weight loss to diabetes control

Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit:If you are diabetic and are troubled by your obesity, then include dragon fruit in your diet from today itself. The scientific name of dragon fruit is Hylocereus undatus. Many types of nutrients are present in it, which help in providing nutrition to the body by protecting the person from many … Read more

Air India Takeover: Tata Group to take control and start running Air India by January 23 according to a Report

Air India Takeover: Tata Group to start operations of Air India by January 23&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credits:&nbspBCCL Air India Takeover: The Tata Group, the founder of Air India, may acquire and start operating the national carrier by January 23, 2022. It is known that after 68 years, the Tata Group has again become the owner … Read more

Yoga For Health And Wellness, Deepawali 2021 – Today’s Yoga: Do these four yogasanas on the day of Diwali, both weight and diabetes will be under control

Do Yogasanas Daily – Photo : Pixabay The festival of Deepawali is celebrated all over the country today, people everywhere are sharing the happiness of Diwali with each other. But in this festival of sweets, fireworks and festivities, everyone needs to be alert regarding health. A little carelessness taken during the celebration of Diwali can … Read more

Center’s answer on espionage and internet control, kept this pointless

New Delhi, PTI. New IT rules have been implemented across the country a few months ago by the Central Government. Since then, questions are being raised that the central government has changed the IT rules for the purpose of spying on the people. It is being strongly opposed by leading social media companies such as … Read more

Tips To Control Diabetes During Diwali Time – Alert: Diabetes should not increase anywhere in this festive season? These tips can be helpful

Diabetes Risk – Photo : iStock Diwali is celebrated everywhere in the country at this time. There are a variety of sweet and savory dishes in the festival of Diwali, in fact the festival of Diwali remains incomplete without sweets. But in diabetes, eating sweets increases the level of blood sugar, due to which there … Read more

‘NCB is targeting Bollywood instead of big fish’, says Sushant’s family lawyer on Aryan Khan case sushant singh family advocate vikas singh slams Narcotics Control Bureau over shah rukh khan son

NCB’s attitude towards Bollywood is not good: Vikas Singh Senior advocate Vikas Singh said, “It is not proper for the NCB to choose only Bollywood and give a bad name to Bollywood. NCB’s attitude towards Bollywood is not good at all. NCB’s show that Bollywood is full of drug addiction. This is not the right … Read more

According To Astrology Girls Of These 4 Zodiac Sign Considered To Be Dominating Keep Control Over Husband And Family

Girls born in Taurus are very dominating. She crosses any limit to prove her point. Zodiac Sign Prediction: Every girl wants that after marriage she should get such husband and in-laws who can fulfill her every wish. However, according to astrology, some girls are very dominating by nature. She rules a lot over her husband … Read more

5 Tips To Keep The Balance Of Power And Rights Under Control In Married Life

To keep the bond between husband and wife healthy, it is very important for both of them to have equal rights in marriage. Although there is almost never a balanced display of authority between the two partners, keeping the dynamics of influence under control leads to fewer conflicts and troubles in the marriage. The one … Read more

WhatsApp Picture in Picture Feature Update for Android Video Control Out of Viewing Area iOS Waiting | People are happy with the new update of WhatsApp, now everything will be easy, users said – Wow!

New Delhi. According to reports, the world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to multi-tasking on the app. According to the news, the picture-in-picture video mode of WhatsApp is being updated. Let us know in detail about this new change. A big change is … Read more

Aaj Ka Health Tips Eat These Four Foods To Control Thyroid So you will get benefit by consuming these four things daily.

Symbolic Image – Photo : iStock priya pandey Dietician (Dietician), Ujala Cygnus Hospital Degree – B.Sc. (human Nutrition) Experience – 8 years Medically Reviewed by Ms. Priya Pandey What kind of food are we eating? Is our food healthy or not? Are there nutrients in our food? Are we eating on time or not? How … Read more

State government has no control over crime, criminals and police | State government has no control over crime, criminals and police

Jodhpur2 hours ago copy link Rajendra Rathore. BJP leader and Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Rajendra Rathod hurled strong words at Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot at his house. Rathod said that this is a government of name, not a government of work. The Chief Minister himself is handling sixteen departments related to the … Read more

Yoga for lifestyle disease swami Ramdev share yoga poses and diet plan to control bp diabetes thyroid kidney lung problem: BP-sugar out of control on festivals, know lifestyle disease from Swami Ramdev

Image Source : India TV Yoga for lifestyle disease swami ramdev Due to bad lifestyle, many diseases come in the grip. At an early age, many problems like BP, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis, lung problems, sleep disorders or any nutritional deficiency have to be faced. Lifestyle problems are increasing day by day. More than 200 … Read more

Air India Company Advice, Employees Should Keep Expenses Under Control Till The Disinvestment Is Completed

State-run Air India, which is set to go into the hands of the Tata group, has advised its employees to keep expenses under control till the disinvestment is completed. The company’s chairman and managing director (CMD) has said that the disinvestment process will take about 10 weeks to complete. Aviation Secretary Rajiv Bansal is responsible … Read more

From Weight Loss To Diabetes Control Know 5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tori

New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Tori Health Benefits: To stay healthy, it is important to have a balanced lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and a good diet. Eating green vegetables is as important as good sleep and workouts to stay fit. It protects the body from many diseases by providing many benefits. Especially seasonal vegetables must … Read more

Xiaomi’s new smart door lock will unlock the door with the face, control it from the phone

Xiaomi has launched a new smart door in its home market, which comes with 3D face lock. Yes, you read that right, the new smart door lock comes with Face Unlock, which unlocks the door by detecting the faces of authorized people. Its model name is Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X and the company has … Read more

Health – Communicable Disease Control From Month 18

hear the news hear the news Amaria. A meeting was organized in the block auditorium under the chairmanship of block chief Nishan Singh. In the meeting, a strategy was prepared while discussing about the Communicable Disease Control Month, which will run from October 18 to November 17. During this, under the Prime Minister and Chief … Read more

How To Control Diabetes, How To Improve Insulin Level In Body – Expert Advice: These two measures are a panacea in diabetes control, insulin sensitivity will improve

Health Desk, Amar Ujala, New Delhi Published by: Abhilash Srivastava Updated Mon, 11 Oct 2021 06:42 PM IST Diabetes is one of the fastest growing serious health problems worldwide. In India, this disease is increasing rapidly every year. Alam is that India is known as the ‘Diabetes Capital’ all over the world. According to one … Read more