School Education News Mp Bhopal – A private company made the school’s playground a depot, troubled by the smoke

Private company’s arbitrariness continues for two years in government secondary school in Salaya

– Burning asphalt daily, thick black smoke weighing heavily on children’s breath

Bhopal. The private company has made the sports ground of the Government Secondary School of Salaya as its depot. For more than a year, machinery, equipment and construction materials of a private company have been lying here. A year has passed but since the opening of the school, the company’s arbitrariness is taking a toll on the children. The children are unable to even go towards the playground, while the black thick smoke emanating from the asphalt being burnt by the company every day is suffocating them. Complaints of this arbitrariness have been made from the corporation to the CM helpline, but no hearing is being done.

Since 1952, a secondary school has been established in Salaya village of Kolar area. It comes in ward 83. When private company Ankita Construction started sewage work in this area in 2019, then the school grounds were made depot. Told the teachers that they will remove the machinery in a month. But after this the company was so occupied that many dumpers, tractor-trolleys to construction materials like sand, ballast, asphalt drums were piled up.

Students upset after school opens

More than 350 students are currently studying in this more than six decade old school. As long as the school remained closed due to the infection, the students did not come but the teachers kept getting upset. In the rain, the ground was muddyed by knees and knees, due to which the teachers had to go out. Students started coming from September, so after their arrival, problems started for them. The company burns the asphalt here every day, due to which the black thick smoke comes to the school. Teachers and parents of students complained about the company’s occupation and problems to the School Education Department, Municipal Corporation and even to the CM Helpline, but the hearing was not held.