robotic engineering salary: Career Options: Make a career in robotic engineering, get good package – robotic engineering courses salary and job in india

The way of working in the world is constantly changing. Till a few years ago, where humans used to take many hours or days and months to do a work, now the work is completed by machines in a few minutes. In today’s world, new technologies are being developed every day. These are mainly robots, they are becoming capable of doing everything that a human can do. Due to the development taking place in this field, today robotic engineering is becoming the preferred course among the students. If you also want to make your career in this field, then here you will get complete information.

What is Robotic Engineering
It is a kind of automatic mechanical device. Which works with the help of computer programming or machine programming language. You can easily control it as per your wish or you can use it. In this system things like sensor, control system, manipulators, power supply and software work together. If we talk about robotics engineering, then it is made up of many branches. In this, computer science, electronic engineer and mechanical engineer work together on the design, construction, power supply, information processing and software of robots.

Qualifications for the course
If you want to make a career in the field of robotics then you have to do 12th class from science stream. After this you can take admission in courses like Mechanical, Electrical, BE or Computer Science. On the other hand, after completing Bachelor’s degree, you can get a Masters in Robotics degree. To make a good career in this field, you should have good knowledge related to electrical, mechanical and computer science. Robotics course is a kind of long term research oriented course. You can also make your career by doing some short term courses related to this field like artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced robotics systems.
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types of robots
Industrial robot
Industrial robots are used in large manufacturing companies or factories. In such a situation, this sector is also a very growing sector.

Home Use Robot
Home use robots are used for home related tasks. These days, they are being heavily used for small tasks.

Medical Robot
Such robots are used in large health centers or hospitals to perform surgery and other medical work.

Military Robot
All the country’s armies are today using military robots for military training, military operations and for the security of the country.

Entertainment robot
These types of robots are specially made for entertainment. A lot of artificial intelligence is used in these.
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Space Robot
Robots that are skilled in performing space related tasks. Such robots are mostly used for launching or going into space.

career options
You can make a great career in Robotics and Automation Engineering. After doing the related course, you can work in the field of robot research and development, robot manufacturing and testing, quality control. Here you can work as Robotics Engineer, Robotics Scientist, Technician. At the same time, students doing master’s degree in robotics can go to space research organizations like ISRO and NASA. Apart from NASA, candidates of this field get job opportunities in many other private industries, automobiles and industrial tools.

Apart from this, if you want, you can also make a career in the field of safety robotics such as military or bomb deactivation robotics. In these places, you will have to work by staying on job profiles like Robotics Programmer, Robotics Design Engineer, Robotics System Engineer, Robot Test Engineer, Automated Product Design Engineer.

salary in robotics sector
This sector is counted in the AAP sector in terms of salary. Here you can take the starting salary only from 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees per month. It depends on your college and company. At the same time, after a few years of experience, your annual salary can be in crores.

top institute for the course

  1. IIT Delhi
  2. IIT Madras
  3. IIT Roorkee
  4. IIT Hyderabad
  5. IIT Kanpur
  6. IIT Mumbai
  7. IIT Guwahati
  8. IIT Kharagpur
  9. Jadavpur University
  10. MM University Baroda
  11. Osmania University Hyderabad
  12. University of Hyderabad
  13. SRM University