Ratlam News Theft Arrested In Ratlam During Checking Police Seized 30 Bikes ANN

Ratlam News: Police officers were also shocked to see the skill of opening 30 bike locks with one key in Ratlam. One such thief has been caught by the Ratlam police, who has carried out 50 incidents of theft at the age of 25. Ratlam SP Gaurav Tiwari said that complaints of vehicle theft incidents were being received continuously in the city. After this, a checking campaign was conducted across the district. Under this checking campaign, the Station Road Police Station caught Shubham Damor resident Shivgarh. When he was asked for the documents of the vehicle, he started hesitant. After this, Shubham was brought to the police station and strictly interrogated, then milk became milk and water became water.

30 stolen bikes seized on spot

Shubham confessed to the theft. After this, when the process of bike recovery started, the hands of the police swelled. Police have also recovered bikes from most places of Ratlam city as well as police stations of Javra, Mandsaur etc. on the behest of Shubham. 30 motorcycles have been recovered from the accused, whose value is being estimated at Rs 20 lakh.

double the age of theft

According to Ratlam SP Gaurav Tiwari, 50 cases of theft are registered against the accused 25-year-old Shubham. The history sheet of the accused has also been opened. Apart from this, strong documentary action is also being taken so that the accused can be punished.

Master key accused showed amazing

When the accused was taken into custody by the police, the process of seizing bikes one after the other started. Right now the accused’s accomplices Govind, Raoji and Mithia are absconding. A vigorous search is on for the absconding accused. The police have also seized the master key to open the lock from the accused. He showed the locks of many bikes open in front of the police with the master key.

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