Internet started in the city, CP said ‘be careful’

  • Police will take immediate action if mischief happens

Amravati/D.19 – After about a week of net closure, finally the internet service was restored once again in Amravati city at 3 pm on Friday, 19 November. Along with this, the city police commissioner Dr. Aarti Singh has appealed to the people of all communities living in the city to use social media carefully and be alert and careful while not relying on baseless rumours.
Let us tell you that the religious sentiments of a particular community were hurt due to provocative posts and photo videos spread on social media regarding a so-called incident related to Tripura state settled in the Northeast. After which, on Friday, November 12, a front was taken out by the community in Amravati city on the call of Raza Academy and during this front there were incidents of vandalism and looting of some establishments in Cotton Market Road and Vasant Talkies premises. Amravati bandh was called by many Hindutva organizations including BJP on the second day on Saturday 13th November to prohibit this. In which there were incidents of violence, arson and sabotage on a large scale. Photos and videos were being shared fiercely on social media regarding this. At the same time, the market of rumors was also very hot. In such a situation, to control the situation and prevent the spread of rumours, along with imposing curfew in Amravati city from 3 pm on Saturday, netbandi was also implemented by the city police. Under which the internet service of the entire city was stopped. But those people had to bear the brunt of it, who completely depend on the Internet for their education, work and financial transactions. Due to the net closure implemented to stop the inflammatory posts and rumors on social media, it became impossible to work on all the websites and access those websites. Net closure was already implemented by the police till 3 pm on Wednesday, November 16. But after reviewing the situation, it was implemented till Friday 19 November. During this, students living in the city and working people working online had to face a lot of troubles and difficulties. In such a situation, many people used to cross the border of Amravati city and sit in nearby highways and fields, so that their mobiles and laptops could come within the internet range. Let us inform that this net ban was implemented only in Amravati City Police Commissionerate area and internet service was going on about 10-12 km away from the city as soon as it crossed the city limits. In such a situation, people were spending the whole day outside the city in search of network and range, so that their online work could continue. In such a situation, the areas around the city had become an undeclared internet zone in a way. Where the maximum number of youth was being seen.
At the same time, after reviewing the situation after about a week, the ban imposed by the city police on the internet has been lifted from 3 pm today and notifications of social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook have started getting on everyone’s mobile. Simultaneously, now work has started by visiting various websites through mobile and laptop. Along with this, City Police Commissioner Dr. Aarti Singh has appealed to all the residents to take the incidents that happened last week as a lesson and as a responsible citizen, use social media sites very carefully. Also, do not share photos, videos and posts that hurt anyone’s religious sentiments or promote caste tension. CP Dr. Arti Singh has also appealed to all the residents of the city to maintain restraint and cooperate with the police and administration to bring the situation completely calm and normal.