Celebration of the announcement of withdrawal of agriculture bill

Jagran Correspondent, Siliguri : Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement to withdraw all three new agriculture bills was celebrated here on Friday as well. A rally was taken out in the city by Darjeeling district CPI(M). On the other hand, a separate rally was also taken out in the city by the Darjeeling District Committee of Socialist Unity Center of India (SUCI-Communist).

The people involved in these rallies, while displaying banners, posters and play cards and shouting slogans, termed the said decision of the central government as the victory of farmers and common Indian people. For this, he congratulated the agitators of the farmers’ movement and saluted the martyrdom of the martyrs. Congratulations to every common man of every level for this victory.

On this occasion, CPI(M)’s Darjeeling District Secretary Jivesh Sarkar said that the Modi government’s retreat in the Agriculture Bill matter is a big victory for the common farmers and common Indians. The victory of democracy over capitalism. But, this is only the first step. The way the Central Government had brought new agricultural bills by the Parliament, in the same way, pass them by the Parliament and cancel them. Otherwise, till then the farmers’ movement will continue.

At the same time, Darjeeling District Secretary of SUCI (Communist) Gautam Bhattacharya said that this is a historic victory. Because, in front of the common poor, laborers, farmers and common man, the government of immeasurable capital people has bowed down. But, even then this movement should continue till the new agriculture bills are not repealed by the Parliament.

Edited By: Jagran