You would not know these interesting things related to the film actress Jayaprada New political flight was found from Rampur

Moradabad, Jagran Correspondent. Interesting story of Jayaprada : The film actress and former MP Jayaprada’s political and film career has been full of ups and downs. There are many interesting stories about which everyone will be surprised to know. The actress has a close association with Rampur. His political career got a new flight from Rampur.

Azam Khan’s antics disturbed: In May 2009, Jaya Prada accused SP leader Azam Khan of making her morphed pictures viral on the internet media. At that time, while talking to a news channel, he had said that Azam is maligning my image by participating in a cheap campaign against me, he is making my morphed (converted) pictures viral. Jayaprada had also said that Azam Khan and his supporters released some of my posters and a CD.

Beginning with Telugu film: Jayaprada started her career around 1975-76. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Sargam, directed by Vishwanath. The film was a huge hit but it did not benefit his career. The biggest year for his Bollywood career was 1984. This year his film ‘Tohfa’ with Jitendra and Sridevi came. Sridevi, who was his co-star in this film, later became his big rival. Jayaprada’s Bollywood career lasted only four years. From 1984 to 1988, she was one of the top actresses of Bollywood. In 1984, he had a film with Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Sharaabi’. This film worked to raise Jayaprada’s Bollywood career. Jayaprada worked with the stars of that time like Amitabh Bachchan, Jitendra. But from the year 1988, the slope of his film career started. The film Aaj Ka Arjun in 1990 was the last lead role film of his career.

Beginning of political journey Jayaprada joined the Telugu Desam Party of Andhra Pradesh in 1994 at the invitation of NT Rama Rao (NTR). NTR and Jayaprada had worked together in many Telugu films and this was the reason why they accepted the offer. Jayaprada has said in many interviews that Chandrababu Naidu sideline her in TDP. Although it is also true that when Chandrababu Naidu revolted for the command of TDP, Jayaprada stood by him. In 2004, Jaya Prada joined the SP and contested the Lok Sabha elections from Rampur on a SP ticket. In this election, his today’s rival and veteran SP leader Azam Khan supported him. Jayaprada was an MP from Rampur on a SP ticket from 2004 to 2014.

married life : In 1986, Jayaprada married film producer Shrikant Nahata. Before marriage, there was a lot of discussion in the media about the relationship between Jayaprada and Shrikant Nahata. The news of their affair was published in many magazines of that time. Later pictures of the wedding surfaced and they agreed to the wedding. Srikanth was married, due to which Jaya could not get the status of wife and later both of them separated. Jayaprada adopted her sister’s child and started living with him.