yogi adityanath politics: yogi adityanath grand entry in politics

The story behind how Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath came into the world of politics is very interesting. This is from 27 years ago. In March 1994, some students went to a shop in Golghar, the main market of Gorakhpur, to buy clothes. These students used to study in Inter College run by Gorakhnath Temple. While buying clothes, he got into a fight with the shopkeeper over a bargain. In the midst of the argument, the shopkeeper took out a revolver and tried to threaten the students. Not only this, he also fired two rounds in the air. Then what, a ruckus started in the packed market and the police reached.

The crowd was stunned to see the courage of the young monk
In this case, the police did not take any action against the shopkeeper, on the contrary, Pratap entered the hostel to catch the students. This caused outrage everywhere. The very next day the students of Inter College led by a young Sanyasi of 21 years staged a fierce demonstration all over Gorakhpur. Demanding the immediate arrest of the shopkeeper, this sanyasi dressed in saffron climbed on the wall of the SSP residence. This was Yogi Adityanath…the same one who had taken initiation sometime back in February 1994 from the Guru Mahant Avaidyanath of the Nath sect. Most of the people present in the crowd did not even know this young man, but were stunned to see his indomitable courage. In this way, Yogi Adityanath took a bang entry in politics with Angry Young Man type.

The youth of Gorakhpur got their hero
In 1993, a youth named Ajay Singh Bisht came to Gorakhpur from Uttarakhand to do research on Guru Gorakhnath with an MSc in Mathematics. In 1994, he took initiation from Mahant Avaidyanath and became Yogi Adityanath from Ajay Singh Bisht. After the shopkeeper incident, Yogi Adityanath became very popular among the student leaders of Gorakhpur University. The youth of Gorakhpur (who had started taking mafia and musclemen as their role models) had found a new hero.

Became the youngest MP at the age of 26
Mahant Avaidyanath made Yogi his political successor in 1998, only 4 years after he succeeded the throne of the Mahant of Gorakhnath temple. For the first time in 1998, from the Gorakhpur seat where Mahant Avaidyanath was MP, BJP made Yogi Adityanath its candidate. At the age of 26, Yogi became the MP of Gorakhpur. He was also the youngest MP of the 12th Lok Sabha. After this, in 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014, Yogi continued to reach Parliament by winning consecutively.

RSS took a resolution in 2016, Yogi became CM next year

Meanwhile, in 2002, Yogi formed the Hindu Yuva Vahini. During this time he had become the biggest firebrand leader of BJP. In 2016, during the contemplation meeting of the Bharatiya Sant Sabha in Gorakhnath temple, it was resolved to make Yogi Adityanath the Chief Minister in the presence of big leaders of the RSS. Yogi Adityanath campaigned fiercely in the 2017 UP assembly elections and BJP achieved great success. After this Yogi became the Chief Minister and resigned from the post of MP. Presently he is a member of the UP Legislative Council.

Seven brothers and sisters have done B.Sc in Mathematics
Yogi Adityanath was born on June 5, 1972 in Panchur village of Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand (erstwhile Uttar Pradesh). Born in a Garhwali Kshatriya family, Yogi has seven siblings. While pursuing his graduation in 1990, he was associated with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. In 1992, he passed the B.Sc in Mathematics from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar. After this he reached Gorakhpur, where his whole life changed.