World Fastest Supercomputers: Chinese Scientists Hoarding World Fastest Exaflop Quantum Supercomputers In Top Secret Lab


  • Chinese scientists have built the world’s fastest quantum supercomputer
  • This computer is 1 million times more powerful than the fastest supercomputer
  • This computer is capable of doing everything that a human cannot even imagine.

Chinese scientists have built the world’s fastest supercomputer. This supercomputer is one million times more powerful than the fastest computer on earth. It is being told that China is still working on these quarter computers. These computers are capable of doing everything that human beings cannot even imagine right now. China’s National Supercomputing Center has claimed that it has built the world’s first ‘exaflop’ quantum computer.

Chinese scientists kept this computer hidden from the world for many years and said that they are capable of computing 100 trillion times faster than any of the world’s fastest supercomputers. Scientists said in a study, ‘We estimate that the target has been met. What our computer Xuchongzhi completed in just 1.2 hours, it would have taken at least 8 years to complete the world’s fastest computer.
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Google’s computer closest to China’s quantum supercomputer

He said that it is a miracle of ‘quantum’ computing technology, due to which he was successful in making this computer. Usually traditional computers such as laptops or our smartphones convert the information to another zero. Computer processors also have to work similarly between one and zero but there is a limit to how fast they can do it.

Quantum computers use the smallest particle in the universe to find the ‘state of quantum’. On coming to this stage, the processors also work on another zero at the same time. This enables them to work much faster. This makes work very fast and easy. Chinese scientists were working on this computer for a long time. The closest to this quantum supercomputer of China is Google’s Sycamore computer. Google’s computer solved such problems related to computation, which would have taken 10 thousand years for common computers to solve.