Wi-fi will have a range of 1 kilometer, run internet on any device

In the world of Wi-Fi, the new technology Wi-Fi HaLow will change the meaning of Wi-Fi. Not so, says a latest report. In today’s time, you are getting high-speed Wi-Fi service in India at a low price, but many people still remain worried about the range. Wi-Fi HaLow would be one way to get around this problem. This technology will be able to increase the range of Wi-Fi from a few meters to a kilometer. Let’s know about this technology.

Business Insider reports that the Wi-Fi HaLow technology being developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance could solve the problem of people’s short range. Those who do not know, let them know that Wi-Fi Alliance is a group of companies working on Wi-Fi technology. This group has been working on HaLow technology for the past several years. With this technology, the Wi-Fi range can be increased from a few meters to almost a kilometer.

Wi-Fi HaLow technology is being developed with a focus on Internet of Things (IoT). It can be used to improve the functions of industrial, smart building and smart city. The Wi-Fi Alliance says that Wi-Fi Hello will provide better and longer range wireless connectivity. It will have a range of about one kilometer and has the ability to penetrate challenging environments such as through thick walls or other obstacles with great ease. Let us tell you that even many of the expensive routers that come today are unable to provide stable connections across thick concrete walls.

Whereas on the one hand the existing technology works on the 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz spectrum in terms of bandwidth. On the other hand, Wi-Fi HaLow technology is being developed to work on spectrum less than 1Ghz. This technology will have the ability to transmit data over long distances even in low frequencies.

At present, there is no clear timeline from the Wi-Fi Alliance for the release of Wi-Fi HaLow technology. Been waiting for this since last many years. Although the Wi-Fi Alliance said earlier this year that device certification for this technology is expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2021, it is expected that we will see this technology for commercial or public level next year. Let it be seen.

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