Why do we get electric shock when touch anything science news | Why is there a shock of current when touched, know what is the science behind it

New Delhi: In spite of not having electric shock in some things, when we touch them, we feel current. But have you ever wondered how this happens? It is very interesting to know why we feel current when we touch something. Let us know what is the science behind it?

Why is there a current when touched?

First of all, you should know that all the things in the world are made of atom and an atom is made of electron, proton and neutron. Electron has negative charge, proton has positive charge and neutron is neutral. Where protons reside in the nucleus of the atom, electrons keep revolving around the nucleus. An atom is stable when it has an equal number of electrons and protons. When there is a difference in the number of these two, then the electrons start to bounce and there is a movement in the atom.

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The science behind electrocution

Explain that things that are good conductors do not allow electrons to go out easily. That’s why electrons keep running in the atom and current also keeps running in that thing. The things which are bad conductors of electricity are not able to stop the electrons from going out, so many times electrons get stored in them. The positive charge attracts the negative charge, so the comb pulls the pieces of paper towards itself.

When the number of electrons in something increases, then the negative charge in that thing also increases. When we touch such a thing, then the positive electrons of our body start pulling the electron of that thing towards itself. Due to the accelerated movement of these electrons, we get current.

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