When the businessman threw the mobile in the car, the miscreants shot him in anger | When the businessman threw the mobile in the car, the miscreants shot him in anger

Murliganj6 hours ago

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  • The robbers also chased the driver running towards the farm

Many information has come to light in the murder case of Saharsa businessman on Saharsa-Purnia NH 107 on Wednesday night. The driver of the pickup, who was with businessman Sunil Kumar Kesari, said that the criminals first wanted to rob Sunil’s mobile, so that no one could be called. It was told that Sunil Kumar Keshari, a resident of Mangwar under Saharsa district, was returning after buying groceries from Beloro pickup number BR11J 8933. The driver Satyanarayan Mandal was driving the pickup. In this sequence, four criminals riding a Maruti car near the canal before Jeetapur signaled to stop by overtaking the pickup van of the businessman. As soon as the pickup stopped, the two criminals got down from the car and threshed both the shopkeeper and the driver sitting in the pickup. At gunpoint, he demanded money from both the driver and the businessman. In this sequence, they started groping their pockets.

The driver Satyanarayan Mandal told that the bullet was fired during the robbery itself.
Driver Satyanarayan Mandal told that during the pocket hunt, the said robbers first tried to rob the businessman from his mobile, but the businessman threw his mobile inside the pickup itself. After which the robber shot the shopkeeper by putting threenuts in the temple. Due to which he died on the spot. While the driver got out of the pickup and ran towards the paddy field. The robbers also chased the driver for some distance. On not getting it, he came back and fled in his car. The driver came later, showing courage and brought the pickup to Jeetapur Chowk. There he woke up a shopkeeper and informed the police about the incident. According to SP Yogendra Kumar, the incident will be resolved soon.

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