Walt Disney’s Unique Creation in the Family Entertainment World, He Understands the Collective Psychology of People | Walt Disney’s Unique Creation in the Family Entertainment World, He Understands the Collective Psychology of People

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  • Walt Disney’s Unique Creation In The Family Entertainment World, He Understands The Collective Psychology Of People

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Jaiprakash Chouksey, Film Critic - Dainik Bhaskar

Jaiprakash Chouksey, film critic

It is worth noting that in America, Walt Disney saw the sarcasm and sarcasm of the actors while making the fiction film and they rejected the idea of ​​making a fiction film. After 5 years of this bitter experience, he started making cartoon films in 1928. Made the first film ‘Steam Boat’. Wide exposure in 1930 by creating cartoon characters Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Duck Wood, etc.

In a few days, these characters became famous in America. He also published his own newspaper for 45 years. Initially the technology was not developed, so making an animation film was a very difficult task. But with the passage of time there has been development. The film character of a dog named Pluto became very popular and the dog came to be considered the most trusted companion of man. In this episode, Animal Studio was also established, in which dog training was given for the works as per the requirement of the filmmaker.

It is to be known that the character in a film starring Sanjeev Kumar also works in a dog training institute to earn a living. Goya’s know how it has also been accepted that dogs have the ability to hear the footsteps of the coming death and when they have a feeling of something bad happening in a house, it is said that in the street Or the pet dog starts crying loudly. Their sense of smell has now become a legend.

Mickey Mouse, a hugely successful Disney film series, tells the story of the mouse and cat characters, with fun cat-and-mouse races. The mouse cleverly deceives the cat but does not catch it and everyone including the children liked his game very much. The phrase ‘don’t play cat and mouse’ with us came from the fact. Like Goya, the game of making promises and not keeping them is being played in politics too. People remain in misunderstanding in this.

The search for promises and slogans has now become an art. It is known that in the Ashok Kumar and Madhubala starrer ‘Mahal’ directed by Kamal Amrohi, the character of Ashok Kumar is seen on the Madhubala swing, but when he gets closer, there is no one to be seen. But the swing moves as if someone has just got up! It is shown at the end of the film that there is a tunnel in that old palace and secret passages. The whole conspiracy is hatched by Ashok Kumar’s greedy friend just to grab the property.

Rajasthan-born Khemchand Prakash composed the music for the film. ‘Come to come, how the lamp is burning without permission, no one runs and arrows are running.’ This song was used several times in the film. Nonetheless, Walt Disney has created Christmas Street in his studio, creating an atmosphere of Christmas celebration throughout the year. On the same lines, we can build Diwali Gali. Diyas that fill the eyes can give us energy.

However, Walt Disney’s family is a unique creation in the entertainment world. Walt Disney understands the collective psychology of the people very well. In an American film, some rats destroy the game of two greedy brothers by hollowing out a building. The building collapses on the day when they were about to rob people.

They were about to auction the building by giving wrong information to the people so that they could make money. Their whole game is spoiled because of Goya’s rats. It is worth noting that filmmaker Saeed Mirza is writing a book called ‘I Know the Psychology of Rates’ which means I Know the Psychology of Rats.

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