Vocal for Local booster dose of Earthen lamps business Kota collector issued special order rjsr

Yogesh Tyagi.

quota. Taking forward the theme of ‘Vocal for Local’ of PM Narendra Modi, Kota District Collector Ujjwal Rathod has issued a special order this time to increase the sale of earthen lamps. According to this order, those who prepare and sell earthen lamps in the urban area will be given administrative space for this. Full care will be taken to ensure that they do not face any kind of problem. At the same time, all possible help will also be provided to them at the administrative level. The collector has appealed to the government officials and employees to buy earthen lamps.

When Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, earthen lamps were lit in every house. The city of Ayodhya was drenched in light with earthen lamps. Since then till now, the lamp on Diwali has been our culture. Every Diwali, earthen lamps were lit in every house. But year after year, the era of earthen lamps went hazy.

Day by day the sale of diyas decreased
With the changing hi-tech times, electric lights have made their place. Year after year, the business of earthen lamps’ lamps decreased. From electric market to Chinese technology left our culture far behind. The sale of diyas decreased day by day and the business of Chinese lighting continued to grow.

PM Modi’s message of ‘Vocal for Local’
After that, recently in the Corona era, PM Narendra Modi gave the message of ‘Vocal for Local’ to promote indigenous products. In this episode, the Kota Collector has taken this unique initiative. Taking care of the diya makers, the District Collector has taken this initiative to increase the business of earthen lamps. After that, a new ray of hope has arisen this time among the skilled people doing the business of lamps.

Business remained at 10 percent
Panchulal Prajapat of Kota has been making lamps on Diwali for many years. According to him, earlier every Diwali, he used to prepare thousands of lakhs of earthen lamps. The whole family was involved in this work. He was sent across Rajasthan. But over time this business dwindled. According to Panchulal Prajapati, generations have passed and do this work, but today it has remained at only 10 percent.

Now no one will remove it from the pavement
Those who set up a shop of skilled lamps in Kota city, they are often removed from the footpath as well. Although no tax of any kind is collected from them, but they are removed at any time. This time after the order of the Kota Collector, a wave of happiness has run among the skilled people who mold the soil into lamps.

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