Virtual Reality World Video Explained BY Metaverse; Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Reality Labs) | With this one minute video, understand what more you will be able to do than join hands in the virtual world with Meta

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  • Virtual Reality World Video Explained BY Metaverse; Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Reality Labs)

New Delhi10 hours ago

Facebook’s new name is Meta. Meta means metaverse. Metaverse means virtual reality. Simply put, a virtual world. A parallel world where you will have a different identity. In that parallel world, you will be able to meet your friends and relatives in this world, from traveling, buying goods. How will you be able to enjoy Virtual Reality? To explain this, the company has shared a video. After watching this you will understand the concept of meta.

Unique world shown in 1:13 minute video
In the video shared by Meta, a glimpse of the virtual world is visible. The length of this video is 1 minute 13 seconds and after watching it you can understand the concept of meta. In the video, two different people have used haptic hand gloves, which are like a gadget. Also, he is wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset. The table in front of them is empty, but because of virtual reality, they see different things on the table. They can lift them with these hand gloves.

Both the players seen in the video were able to shake hands even after being away from each other. They even played a game together. In which some wooden sticks had to be taken out and kept on the top. The special thing was that he felt things. All this was in 3D avatar. Let us tell you that this video is from Reality Labs Research of Metaverse.

Important things related to virtual world and technology

  • Haptic gloves are being designed to touch and feel things in the virtual world. These will be mechanical gloves. With their help, the weight of any object can also be done.
  • Wearing existing mechanical gloves throughout the day generates a lot of heat. For this the company is preparing new soft actuators. These will be smaller, lighter and softer than normal gloves.
  • Meta is developing the world’s first high-speed microfluidic processor. It will be a small chip, which will be able to control the flow of air. With its help, many actuators will be able to fit on the gloves.
  • Advanced hand tracking technology is also being designed to track the exact direction of your hand as you move your hand while wearing the gloves during virtual reality. This will identify the object.

Why did Facebook choose the name Metaverse?
The next level of virtual reality is called the metaverse. In future, with the advanced version of this technology, you will be able to feel the touch and smell of things. The term metaverse was first used by science fiction author Neil Stephenson in his 1992 Nobel Snow Crash. Metaverse is now the parent company of 93 companies.

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