Viral Video of 10 year old gully boy giving life philosophy internet gone crazy pratp – Viral : 10 year old Gully Boy

Sometimes you don’t feel well in life. You will need a person who can motivate you and can explain the philosophy of life in easy language. In such a situation, you are in dire need of taking a 10-year-old boy ‘Chatpat ka gyan’. Believe me you will become a fan of this kid.

The way a small Mumbai boy is giving his knowledge in Tapori language, he is winning the hearts of people on the internet. Even though the age of the child is 10 years, but his words are telling the deep truth of life. He calls his words ‘quick knowledge’. You will listen to his words, you will understand and you will also smile at his sincere understanding.

Told a big thing while rapping
The way the boy is talking about a big problem like mental health while rapping in this video, it is really commendable. You may also remember Gully Boy and Ranveer Singh after seeing this. At the age of 10, girl Ada, style and understanding is taking her to a different level. The child tells very comfortably that ‘if the team’s mind is cool, then its business will move forward’. He tells that not to take tension about anything and only to chill. Standing at different locations, the boy is sharing his quick knowledge.

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People said – will go a long way
The motivational video has been shared on Instagram with an account named chatpatkagyaan. More than 67 thousand people have seen this video and about 8 thousand people have liked it. People are feeling very good about the child’s confidence. One user commented and wrote – This boy will go a long way in life. At the same time, another user has written – Chatpat Rocks. Most of the people are very fond of the chatty style with the child party.

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