Uttarakhand Politics Former CM Harish Rawat is protesting at gate of Doiwala sugar mill

Communication Associate, Doiwala (Dehradun). Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has once again sat on a dharna at the sugar mill gate. They are protesting against the non-fixation of sugarcane price in the state at Doiwala Sugar Mill. Along with him, many Congress workers are also present at the protest site.

Harish Rawat, who is protesting at the sugar mill gate, said that the three black laws that have been imposed on the farmers are showing the future of the farmers themselves and their children in the dark. In Uttarakhand, three more problems have arisen in front of the farmers. One is that Iqbalpur sugar mill has not yet suffered the price of sugarcane. With the announcement of the purchase price of sugarcane, the farmer is only guessing how much his sugarcane will be. So its value should be declared soon.

Manoj Nautiyal, Mohit Uniyal, Rajveer Khatri, Anil Saini, Madhu Thapa, Monty Singh, Sagar Manwal, Ishwar Pal, Abdul Razzaq, Gaurav Malhotra, Umaid Bora, Rajesh Singari, Gurdeep Singh, Laxman Singh Bisht, Surjeet Singh, Rahul Saini, Balwinder Singh, Sunil Rathi etc. are present.

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