Uttarakhand: In Uttarakhand, BJP will test the social media report card of ticket holders, popularity will be the measure. Bjp will test social media report card of ticket holders in uttarakhand popularity will be measure

Uttarakhand: In Uttarakhand, BJP will test the social media report card of ticket holders, popularity will be the measure

BJP will check candidate’s social media account in Uttarakhand (symbolic picture)

Assembly elections are to be held in Uttarakhand and for this the state’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has started preparations. At the same time, in the state, BJP has also made the popularity in social media a measure for tickets for the ticket in the assembly elections. BJP will check the candidate’s report card and also see how many followers he has on social media. Not only this, it will also be seen how many answers he gives and how he connects people.

In fact, in today’s era of social media, BJP has instructed all its leaders to be active in social media. Along with this, the responsibility of making organizational programs, their activities in the field as well as the achievements of the central and state governments, has been given to the people through social media. The party has asked the public to connect with the public through social media platforms like WhatsApp group, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. In fact, in today’s era, social media is the best medium to convey their point and through this leaders can reach their point of view to millions of people.

Social media account will be checked

In fact, Uttarakhand election in-charge and Union Minister Prahlad Joshi and Uttarakhand in-charge Dushyant Gautam have instructed the party’s social media team, who recently visited Dehradun, to regularly check the social media accounts of MLAs and claimants. He clearly said that the candidates who will be more active in social media and who will have more followers. They will get more preference for tickets.

Instructions given in High Command

According to the information, the high command has indicated to make the popularity on social media the criterion in ticket allocation. After which the ticket holders in the state have become active in their social media accounts. Especially youth leaders have become very active on social media. He is making political attacks on the leaders of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party through cartoons and messages etc. and is trying to increase his followers. BJP leaders say that MLAs, claimants and office bearers will have to be active on social media platforms. He will have to convey the policies and schemes of the state and central government to his supporters.

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