Ujjain News: One killed, four injured when speeding car falls into a drain

Publish Date: | Wed, 17 Nov 2021 09:58 PM (IST)

Ujjain (Naiduniya Representative). A speeding car went uncontrolled near Khilchipur Naka on Agar Road and fell into the drain, killing a young man in the car. While four others were injured. All were admitted to the district hospital for treatment. From where he was referred to Indore. It is being told that everyone was going to Rajasthan from Indore to do catering work. The police has established a case in the matter. Chimanganj police said that Pradeep’s son Basant Inway, 40 years old, was going to Rajasthan for catering work in the marriage ceremony with his father Basant and Golu Parihar, Sandeep, all residents of Panchsheel Nagar Indore, at around 1.30 pm on Tuesday night. . At the same time, breaking the railing of the culvert at Khilchipur naka in village Chakkamed, the car fell straight into the drain. Due to this, Pradeep, who was in the car, died. While his father Basant, Golu and Sandeep were injured. All have been referred to Indore for treatment.

Bus glasses burst, passengers assaulted

The bus going from Gautampura to Rajgarh with a procession collided with a car near Harifatak Bridge on Tuesday night. After which the youths sitting in the car beat the bus driver and passengers and broke the glass of the bus.

Nilganga police have registered a case in the matter. Police said that Bhagwan Singh son Subhash Chandra resident of Chhapihera district is a bus driver. He was returning from Gautampura with a procession in a bus when the car collided near Harifatak Bridge. After which the youths in it beat up and broke the glass. Police is looking for the accused on the basis of the car number.

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