TMBU waiting for a major accident, Sports Office running under the collapsed roof

Jagran Correspondent, Bhagalpur : The condition of sports council in Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University (TMBU) is deteriorating. This can be gauged from the fact that for the last one-and-a-half years, the office there is running under the collapsed roof of the stadium, which can lead to a major accident at any time. There may be a disaster on the lives of other personnel including the sports secretary in the office. Not only this, other people including players keep coming and going throughout the day, due to which those people also remain in fear.

University administration remains careless

Due to the collapsed roof of the stadium, office workers often sit outside with chairs in the ground. When necessary, they go to the office to dispose of the files. They are afraid of the fact that the entire stadium may collapse. This information was given by the concerned department to the university. Despite this, the university administration remains careless about the matter. Several times the stadium was physically inspected by the officials, but the situation remains the same.

Sports hostel has been offered

A sports hostel has also been proposed in the broken part by the Sports Council. Now a sports hostel has been built in the second part. It has eight rooms. Which has been inaugurated earlier. It is used for the program to be held in TMBU. This proposal was also considered, but the matter is stuck in files. The entry of people has been banned in the part where the roof has collapsed.

Players enter by risking their lives

A practice match was being played at the stadium on Wednesday. For this reason the stadium was opened. Some personnel were sitting in the stadium grounds. On asking, it was found that there is a fear of sitting inside the office. Some players present there said that after seeing the situation outside, they do not go to the office out of fear that when the entire stadium may not collapse.

Information will be taken about the status of the stadium. There will be a discussion to improve the situation by asking the status from the engineering section. Instructions will be given to shift the office., Dr. Niranjan Prasad Yadav, Registrar TMBU