This business will give more profit than the job, earning Rs 5,000 every day, know how to start

Business Idea: In today’s time there are many people who are more interested in doing their business than job. If you also want to start a new business, then first of all you should have complete information about it, so that there is no problem in starting the business. Today we are going to tell you one such new business idea, from which you can easily earn 4000 rupees daily. In this business you will not have any problem of raw material. The finished product will not depend on any season, but will always be sold in the market every day. There is no competition with big brands in this and the big thing is that it has a lot of demand in the market.

This is the business of banana chips. People also eat this product, which is considered good for health, during fasting. Like potato chips, it is also in great demand. Its market size is also small, so only a few big companies do its business. In such a situation, this business is full of possibilities of economic growth for the newcomers.

material for making chips

A variety of machinery is used to make banana chips and the raw materials used are mainly raw bananas, salt, edible oil and other spices. For this some machines are also needed.

These machines will be needed

To make banana chips, a washing tank is needed for the bananas. Bananas need a peeler and a machine to cut them into thin pieces. Pieces frying machine, spice mixing machine, pouch printing machine are needed.

Where can you buy machines, where to set up

You can easily get these machines in the online market as well. Apart from e-commerce websites like India Mart, Alibaba, you can also buy it offline. Their cost will be around 30,000 to 50,000 rupees. To set up these machines, you will need a room or space of 4000 to 6000 square feet.

how much will it cost

Suppose you want to make 100 kg chips. For this you will need about 240 kg of raw bananas. Their cost may cost you up to Rs 2000. For frying them, 25 to 30 liters of oil will be required. If the oil is Rs 80 per liter, then it will be Rs 2400 accordingly. Now talking about the chips fryer machine, it consumes about 10 liters of diesel per hour. 20 to 22 liters of diesel will be used. If 1 liter of diesel in frying is Rs. 80. According to this, it is of 22 liters which will cost Rs 1760. The salt and spices will cost around Rs 500 more.

how much will be the profit

One kilo of banana chips packet will cost only Rs 70 after mixing everything. Even if we earn a profit of 10 rupees on 1 kg, then we can withdraw 50 kg of goods in a day. That is, the profit will be, 5000 rupees for a day. If 100 kg were sold then Rs 10,000. That is, one can easily earn from Rs 1.50 lakh to Rs 3 lakh every month. You can wholesale it to grocery stores, or you can sell it at retail. If you want, you can also sell it online.