Team India was made the world champion 5 years ago, now preparing to defeat him, his ‘charioteer’ will go against India. 2016 junior world cup champion coach Harendra Singh to returns but with america

Team India was made world champion 5 years ago, now preparing to defeat him, his 'charioteer' will go against India

Harendra Singh has been the coach of the Indian hockey team.

In a few days, the Junior Hockey World Cup is going to start in Bhubaneswar. The defending champions India will come out to defend their title this time. Five years ago in 2016, hosts India won the title by defeating Belgium 2-1. 5 years ago, the coach who was preparing a strategy for India to win every match sitting in the dugout, the same coach will prepare a strategy against India this time. We are talking about Harendra Singh, former coach of Team India.

Team India won the Junior World Cup in the year 2016 with Harendra Singh. After this she was given the responsibility of the women’s senior team. After some time he became the coach of the men’s team. However, this cycle did not last long. Meanwhile, Harendra got an offer from America and joined his team. Harendra Singh will also be seen as a coach this time in the Junior World Cup but his team will not be India but America.

Harendra Singh will return to India

America was not included in the teams playing the Junior World Cup on the basis of ranking. However, after the withdrawal of the names of New Zealand and Australia, Canada along with America also got a chance to play the World Cup. The coach of America’s junior team is Pat Harris. Harris is Harendra’s deputy in the senior team. Both the coaches are going to come to Bhubaneswar with the team for the Junior World Cup. The special thing is that the team that Harendra Singh has prepared for this tournament being organized in India also includes players of Indian origin. There are five such players in the team who belong to India. Jatin Sharma, Mehtab Grewal, Gurcharan Johal, Amarinder Pal Singh and Shomik Chakraborty are American players of Indian origin.

Team is coming to India at own expense

Field hockey is not very popular in America. In such a situation, he does not even get the attention that he should get. The federation has to bear all the expenses of the junior team. Crowd fund was made to send the team to the Junior World Cup, in which most of the money came from the players’ house. Almost every player’s family gave one to one and a half lakh rupees in the crowd fund. Along with the players of the team, coach Harendra Singh is also very excited to come to India.

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