Success Story: 6 years job to repay education loan then 4 years preparation, this is the story of UPSC topper Satinder Kaur


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career desk. Satinder Kaur, a resident of Dugri, Ludhiana, is an inspiration for women. He has come a long way to fulfill his goal of joining the civil service exam. Educated from BCM Shastri Nagar till 12th and did B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology. After doing MBA from Delhi, he took the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam in the year 2011. His prelims did not come out that year. She wanted to prepare for the exam again but also had to pay off the study loan that she had gone for studies, so she then worked in various advertising companies till the year 2017. His 563rd rank has come in PSC 2020 examination. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC 2020) results were released on September 24, 2021. A total of 761 candidates were selected in the final result. Asianetnews Selected in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC 2020) Running a series on the success journey of 100 candidates. In this episode we talked to Satinder Kaur. Let us know how is his success journey.

Success in 4th attempt
Satinder Kaur says that education loan was taken for MBA studies. At that time there was a new job and it was more important to repay the loan taken by the father. Therefore, got a job in various companies related to advertising. Got married in the year 2015. When the husband gave full support, he left the job in the year 2017 and started preparing for the UPSC exam. Couldn’t clear prelims in the year 2018. Went to the interview in the year 2019. But he was disappointed in the final results but he did not give up and tried his luck once again in the examination of the year 2020. This was his fourth attempt. Satinder Kaur, 36, says it is not yet decided in which category she will get a chance to serve but she will once again appear for the IFS exam.

There were many challenges in the early days
Satinder says that there were many challenges in the initial days. There was shortage of money, there was no guidance. She grew up hearing from childhood that bank and teacher jobs are good for women. He had to come out of this pre-determined career barrier for girls. He wanted a job that was not even thought of for girls in his area. She says that as she grew up, she came to know that to join the civil service, one has to appear in the UPSC exam and prepare for it. After marriage, she shared her dream with her husband that she supported him if she wanted to go to civil service.

The exam tests your intelligence, knowledge all
He says that this journey shows where you are in this world. This exam taught you that you have no limits. This exam tests your intelligence, knowledge, marriage all. Self awareness does come. At the same time, your strength comes out well. That’s why this exam is considered to be the most different in the country. If you think I have to do it, you can do it.

Husband’s support behind success
Satinder Kaur says that there is a perception that after marriage the life of girls becomes difficult but her personal experience is different in this matter. After her marriage, her husband supported her a lot. From the year 2017, when she started preparing for the exam, her husband used to take care of the responsibilities related to the house. Her husband took full responsibility of the house for four years. They say that what a girl expects from her parents before marriage. Her husband did more for her after marriage. Behind her success is her husband’s support.

Thought after failing in prelims, took big risk leaving job
Satinder Kaur says that she was confused when she failed the UPSC exam prelims in 2018. wondered what she was doing. Used to earn 51 thousand in the job. Now he has taken a big risk by deciding to prepare for UPSC exam. If there is a huge gap between jobs in the private sector, then it becomes difficult to get a job. The time has changed a lot between the year 2017 when he left the job and now the year 2021. New technology has come in the market. When she got phone calls for a job, she used to tell that she had not done any job for four years, then she never got a call again for a job.

health challenges also faced
Satinder says that many times it happens that your performance is not perfect, then you feel that your preparation was not done properly and the exam is near. At that time it is felt that you have put your life at stake for the exam. He used to think that what was so special about him that he would be selected from among lakhs of candidates. He also faced health issues while preparing for the exam. There was a problem with the eyes.

These things used to motivate them
She says that in the year 2011, she started preparing for the exam but could not clear her prelims, so when she was disappointed, she used to think that people do not get a chance again. How many girls would like to prepare for the exam but they don’t have support, no books but they have husband’s trust, resources with them. They just have to study. These things used to motivate him. Her husband used to tell her that when no one is telling you why are you leaving studies. His father and mother used to say that you think why did you come to this area. She says that only then she was able to prepare for the exam for four years.

give success credit to them
Satinder credits her success to her husband Dhruv Sharma and her parents. His teacher Rishikesh also played an important role in his preparation. Unfortunately he died during Corona. The students preparing for him also boosted his morale. All these things acted as a support system for him.

not afraid of difficulties
Satinder Kaur says that youth should keep working hard in whatever field they are. If you have dreamed of joining civil service and are preparing for the exam, then remember your dream and contribute your two hundred percent to fulfill it. Once we fail, it should not seem that this test is not for us. There are difficulties in every competition. Don’t give up on fearing him.

Don’t run after every topper’s strategy
They say that it is not necessary that you can pass this exam only by coaching. Nowadays everything is available for free online. Don’t run after every topper’s strategy. Every man’s strength and weakness is different. Listen to all of you and choose only that part of the strategy which is better for you. Don’t blindly follow the strategy.

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