Social Media: Photos of Sara and Janhvi Kapoor’s Kedarnath temple are viral, fans said – this is called sacrament…

Sara and Janhvi – Photo : Twitter

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor are very good friends. The two are often seen together. Now some pictures of Sara and Janhvi are going viral on the internet, which are from Kedarnath temple. Where Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor are seen doing puja. Both have been seen together in Kedarnath temple. Although fans often keep seeing pictures of Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi together on Instagram, but this time they have been spotted together while worshiping in Kedarnath temple.

Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi – Photo : Twitter

These pictures have been posted by Sara and Janhvi’s fan clubs. In the pictures, both can be seen worshiping at the Kedarnath temple. The caption of these pictures read, ‘Wow. This is called sacrament. You both are doing a great job. God bless you both!’ Further in the caption of these pictures it has been told that Sara and Janhvi are in Kedarnath Dham.

Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor – Photo : instagram/janhvikapoor

In some pictures, Sara was seen wearing a purple bomber jacket with gray earmuffs. Whereas, Janhvi wore a stunning silver jacket with muffler. Recently both of them came in Ranveer Singh’s The Big Picture where they talked about their friendship.

Janhvi Kapoor – Photo : instagram/manishmalhotraworld

He shared the anecdote of his first meeting with Sara Ali Khan in this show. He said that when he first met Sara Ali Khan, she was throwing tantrums with heroine. On the show, host and actor Ranveer Singh asked Janhvi and Sara how they became friends. At first he answered ‘Common Friends’. That is, Janhvi and Sara’s friendship happened through common friends, but then Janhvi remembered when she had met Sara for the first time and she also told the story of it.

Sara Ali Khan – Photo : instagram/saraalikhan95

Janhvi Kapoor told that she met Sara Ali Khan for the first time at an award function. We were very young at that time. But I still remember that Sara Amrita was repeatedly throwing heroine tantrums with Auntie. He said that Sara Amrita was sitting with aunty and was behaving like a heroine. Janhvi further said, I think that Sara was wearing a sari or salwar kameez at that time. Janhvi told that Sara had styled her hair back. She said, I wanted to be his friend from that time.