Social Media Aided Violence In Amravati Nanded And Malegaon Over Tripura Violence Many Political People Name Associated ANN

Maharashtra violence: Maharashtra Police suspects involvement of many people behind the violence in Amravati, Maharashtra. According to the internal report of Maharashtra Police, not only some Muslim organizations were involved in this violence, but the names of political parties are also coming out. Maharashtra Police is probing all these names and their alleged roles. Sources in Maharashtra Police said that they suspect that apart from Raza Academy, people from BJP and Yuva Sena had also disturbed law and order by vandalizing Amravati.

If sources are to be believed, the Intelligence Department has prepared a report after this violence, a copy of which has been sent to the Maharashtra Home Department on behalf of the Maharashtra Police, in which it has been written that social media as the biggest weapon to incite this violence. Media was used. In order to incite the violence in Malegaon, Amravati and Nanded in Maharashtra, 60 to 70 such posts were posted on social media before this violence, which aroused anger among the people.

Sources have also told that these were the posts which had nothing to do with reality. One of these social media posts was also a fake post that many mosques in Tripura have been demolished. After this, these 60-70 social media posts were also forwarded in thousands on WhatsApp, so that more and more people could be made a part of these alleged planned violence.

Rumors spread on social media

It has also been told in the report that the first started from October 29, when the PFI went to the District Magistrate’s office and expressed its protest. After this, on November 01, Jai Constitution Organization had also protested by reaching the District Magistrate’s office. Then on November 6, a three-minute audio recording of Sartaj went viral on social media, spreading rumors that several mosques in Tripura had been demolished. Then this fire gradually grew bigger and on November 12, the talk of organizing a bandh on behalf of Raza Academy to protest was put on social media.

After this violence took place in Amravati on the 12th itself. So far, 10 cases have been registered by Amravati Police in this case. The agencies have also received some information that people associated with MIM Army, Raza Academy Welfare Society Amravati and Jamaat Ahle Sunnah are responsible for inciting the people involved in this violence. Maharashtra Police is investigating in this context. The police have also got some banners of Raza Academy.

After this, on November 13, the campaign was again done on social media. This time this campaign was not done by Muslim organizations, but by political parties against the violence that happened a day earlier. If sources are to be believed, a bandh was organized on November 13 to protest the violence of November 12, behind which the people of BJP, Bajrang Dal and Yuva Sena are coming to the fore. BJP had already started a campaign on social media. Maharashtra Police sources said that many names are coming to the fore, but the process of verifying them and then taking action on them is still going on.

Police action after Malegaon violence

The Raza Academy, which has been organizing the bandh after the stone-pelting incident in Malegaon city, is now on the police radar. Last night, the local police raided the office of Raza Academy located near Lalle Chowk in Malegaon area. During this raid, many magazines and documents related to the bandh have been found. Sources said that when the police went to raid, it was locked there. After this, a raid was conducted by breaking the lock of the office in front of the panch. During this raid, computer, register, religious book and magazine calling for bandh were found from the office, which was written in Urdu language. The police is also studying the register and some books.

So far in Malegaon, the police have registered a total of 5 cases, in which total 42 people have been arrested. The police is still probing the CCTV camera footage of that area. Government property was damaged in this violence. Apart from this, stones were also thrown at the policemen. The police have registered a case against Dr. Rais Rizvi, Sheikh Akram and Sheikh Arif who are associated with Raza Academy.

Police action in Amravati

Since the violence in Amravati, the police have registered 35 cases, in which 198 people have been arrested so far. Among those arrested are 24 BJP people, including three former ministers.

Police got it done in Nanded too

Since the violence in Nanded, there have been 84 FIRs so far, in which 64 people have been arrested so far.

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