Snan started at the ghat of faith and religion thousands took a dip at Makhdumpur Ghat in Meerut

Meerut, Jagran Correspondent. This time the fair at Makhdumpur Ghat was flooded, but thousands of people gathered on Thursday night at the Ganges Ghat for bathing. It was about 12 o’clock in the middle of the night and the moon was full. Thousands of devotees took holy dip in the Ganges. The atmosphere became devotional with the announcement of Har Har Gange.

The confluence of the masses in the water stream

Area of ​​Ganga Ghat After midnight, the hymns of Har Har Gange started mixing the juice of religion and spirituality in the ears. From one cross to the other, the stream of people got confluence in the stream of water on the land of Purifier. At the Ganga Ghat, the various postures of the devotees erupted like fragrance in the Ganges stream.

Crowd of devotees gathered since midnight

On the occasion of Kartik Purnima, from Thursday midnight, devotees thronged the holy ghat of Makhdumpur Ganga to take nectar and bathe. With the inclusion of reverence in the flood of devotion, the banks of the Ganges roared with the hail of Har Har Gange. This time the administration and the district panchayat canceled the fair due to the possibility of an accident. Despite this, people taking bath gathered at the ghat and took a dip in the festival. However, the devotees also performed rituals like Mundan and Janeu Sanskar. Devotees coming from rural and urban areas took a holy dip in the Ganges with devotion. The religious flag was hoisted on the waves of the Ganges and the devotees asked for their wishes.

Donated a lamp for the peace of the soul of the ancestors

Meerut. On the eve of Kartik Purnima, a large number of people performed Pind Daan at Makhdumpur Ganga Ghat and also donated lamps for the peace of the ancestors’ souls. Devotees started taking bath of Kartik Purnima from midnight onwards from midnight of Thursday itself. At the same time, thousands of devotees worshiped Mother Ganga and donated lamps and pind daan in the fair to be held on Old Ganga.

This time the fair was not organized by the Zilla Panchayat at Makhdumpur Ganga Ghat. But on Thursday, a similar view was seen on the banks of the Ganges. Thousands of people were present at the Ganga Ghat. However, people were not staying in the night and were returning to their homes after donating lamps. While donating a lamp, people’s eyes were filled with tears remembering their disabled relatives. Keeping in view the convenience of the devotees, lighting arrangements were made at the Ganga Ghat by the District Panchayat and warning boards were also put up by barricading deep water. The police continued to patrol the Ganga Ghat.

heavy faith in disorder

Ganga Ghat is at a distance of about two km from Makhdumpur village. But covering this distance was not free from any danger for the devotees. People were able to reach Ganga Ghat only through tractor trolley. Many bike riders fell down due to mud and water on the way. Despite the chaos, the faith of the devotees did not diminish and the process of reaching the Ganga Ghat continued, facing difficulties.

-SDM and CO did camp

SDM Amit Gupta and CO Uday Pratap Singh camped in the old Ganga fair and were constantly patrolling the road and making arrangements. EO Mukesh Kumar Mishra and station in-charge Dinesh Singh Yadav were also present with him.

People gathered to donate lamps at Old Ganga Ghat

There was a huge crowd of those who donated lamps at Budhi Ganga Ghat. Once upon a time, the crowd of devotees gathered so much that there was a situation of jam. The policemen worked hard to open the jam. At the same time, the tractor trolley was not allowed to go even beyond Chetawala Tiraha.

Edited By: Parveen Vashishta