Satish Poonia targeted CM Ashok Gehlot Gehlot government says Education Minister should have resigned. Satish Poonia targeted the Gehlot government, said- Education Minister should have resigned

Jaipur: Questions about corruption are echoing in the political corridors of Rajasthan. In fact, BJP state president Satish Poonia has targeted the government after the allegations of corruption in the education department, after confirming the allegations on behalf of the teachers in front of the Chief Minister. Poonia has demanded the resignation of Dotasara as well as the registration of an FIR on behalf of ACB in this matter. Along with this, in response to the allegations against the education ministers during the previous governments of BJP, Poonia even said that if the allegations were made, her party also suffered the consequences by getting out of power.

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Voice is being raised against corruption but this time the voice is being raised more by the opposition than the government. BJP’s state president Satish Poonia himself, based on the claims of the Chief Minister, said that in front of the Chief Minister (CM Ashok Gehlot), who talked about zero tolerance, the teachers talked about giving money for the transfers. Poonia said that there was an open confession and after such a big disclosure in the public domain, the ACB should have registered an FIR by now. The BJP state president said that in this matter, the Education Minister should have resigned on the basis of morality, but even if he did not resign, then the Chief Minister, who talked about cleanliness, democracy and zero corruption, should immediately be called Govind Singh. Dotasara (Govind Singh Dotasara) should have been removed.

Poonia said that it was very shameful for the government of Rajasthan but it seems that the allegations of corruption on this government are not making any difference. The people of Rajasthan also want to know that if there is any corruption happening under the nose of the Chief Minister who talks about zero tolerance in matters of corruption, then what is the reason for it? Poonia said that former minister and Congress MLA Bharat Singh himself has accused the minister of his own government of corruption many times. Deepender Singh Shekhawat has also spoken about corruption in front of the same Dotasara, but why is the government not taking any action?

When Poonia raised questions on Education Minister Dotasara, the allegations of corruption against the education ministers of his governments were also questioned. On this, Poonia said that when allegations were made during his government, then his party was out of power. Poonia said that there must have been some weakness, due to which his party did not come to power, but nothing will be done by shunning all these. BJP state president said that if there is smoke then there must have been a fire somewhere. At the same time, Poonia said that there can be no competition for allegations of corruption. Along with this, he said that the allegations made earlier are baseless and said that this time the allegations have been made in the presence of the Chief Minister himself.

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Along with Satish Poonia, other BJP leaders are laying siege to the government, but on the other hand, the Congress team is also becoming active on social media regarding the previous government. In the midst of all this, questions are being raised that who is corrupt and who is not? Does the corruption of one give a license to do the same to the other and the question is also whether any party has to suffer the consequences of corruption only in elections and before that there is freedom to do arbitrariness?