rajgarh crime news A newborn girl was thrown in a sack of sackcloth the young man took over after hearing the cry

Publish Date: | Wed, 17 Nov 2021 05:41 PM (IST)

Rajgarh Navdunia Representative) rajgarh crime news: . Once again a shameful incident has come to the fore in the district. Here a newborn girl was thrown by an unknown woman wrapped in a sack of sackcloth in a deserted area. Hearing the sound of whose crying, the villager raised it and secured it and informed the police. The police reached the spot and the girl was admitted to the hospital in Machalpur. From where the district hospital has been referred. According to the information, in Pipalyakulami village of Machalpur police station, an unidentified woman had left a one-day-old newborn girl wrapped in sackcloth and left in the deserted area near Malviya Dharamshala. At around 6 in the morning, Sitaram Malviya, a villager passing by, heard the cry of the newborn. Hearing the girl’s voice from a deserted place, he reached the spot and saw it. There a newborn was crying badly, moaning from the cold. Along with this, she also had minor injury marks due to throwing the girl. With this, while first handling the girl, she secured her by getting other clothes to protect her from the cold. With this, Sitaram Malviya gave information about the matter at Machalpur police station. After this the police reached the village and took the newborn girl with them to Machalpur health center. After providing first aid in Machalpur, he was referred to the district hospital. The girl child has been given first aid in the district hospital. The girl is said to be healthy. It has been told that the girl will be kept here for a month.

Second incident in a month, before this the girl was found in Nalajhiri

This is the second incident of throwing a newborn girl within a month. Earlier, on October 25, a newborn girl was found in the bushes in Nalajhiri village of Suthalia police station. When the villager passing by heard the cry of the girl, the police was informed after seeing the girl in the bushes. The police, who reached the spot, recovered the girl and first got her treated at Suthalia Hospital and later referred her to the district hospital. However, later the police traced the mother who threw the newborn.

A newborn has been found from Peeplyakulmi village. After getting treatment here, he has been sent to the district hospital. The girl is healthy. We have registered a case against unknown for throwing the girl.

Jitendra Singh Ajnare, TI Machalpur

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