rajasthan news: rajasthan me 8 saal baad internation cricket match hua yaha padhe lalit modi ko lekar vivad: Why cricket match happened in Rajasthan after 8 years

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India vs New Zealand Cricket Match in Jaipur: The first international cricket match was played after 8 years in Rajasthan on Wednesday. Team India won the match played between India vs New Zealand at Sawai Mansingh Stadium by 5 wickets. The entire stadium was filled with cricket celebrations but cricket lovers yearned to see such an atmosphere for the past several years. The reason was that decision of Lalit Modi and BCCI.

cricket match in jaipur


  • In 2014, BCCI took a tough decision, RCA was suspended
  • In May 2014, Lalit Modi was elected president of the RCA despite opposition from the BCCI.
  • Since then RCA stopped hosting matches.


Wednesday is a big day for the cricket lovers of Rajasthan state. After 8 years, cricket lovers in Gulabi Nagar Jaipur felt the thrill of instant T20 cricket. This has become possible after the former RCA President Lalit Modi’s impediment from the Rajasthan Cricket Association was removed. Because BCCI had put a condition that if Rajasthan wants to organize an international cricket match, then the first condition is that he should first end all his relations with Lalit Modi. After Lalit Modi’s hurdle was removed, now again the international match took place at the Sawaiman Singh Stadium in Jaipur. The match between India and New Zealand took place on Wednesday evening, in which Team India won by 5 wickets. Not only this, in the month of February 2022 next year, an international one-day cricket match between India and West Indies will be played here.
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That’s why Rajasthani was deprived of cricket for so long.

When former RCA president CP Joshi tried to oust Lalit Modi from Rajasthan cricket to accept BCCI’s demand. On this some people went to court. Due to this, the matter of getting approval from BCCI to organize international cricket matches got stuck. But finally now Lalit Modi had a complete farewell from Rajasthan cricket and the days of cricket returned again.

Ban removed two years ago

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recognized the Rajasthan Cricket Association to organize international cricket matches on 7 September 2019.
Due to Rajasthan Cricket’s relationship with Lalit Modi, BCCI had derecognised RCA from 2014 itself. Cricket enthusiasts are happy that once again national and international matches have started playing in Jaipur.

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Nagaur Sangh and Lalit Modi’s screw caught
The biggest demand of BCCI was that Rajasthan Cricket should end all its relations with Lalit Modi. But the problem in this was that the Nagaur District Cricket Association was not ending its relationship with Lalit Modi. And Modi remained a member of the club there. And this was the biggest roadblock in the midst of the future of Rajasthan cricket. As soon as Lalit Modi’s intervention ended with Rajasthan cricket, a new path opened for Rajasthan cricket.

Lalit Modi’s dominance started in 2005

Lalit Modi’s tenure in Rajasthan cricket has been long. Lalit Modi’s entry in Rajasthan cricket started in the year 2005. At that time Lalit Modi became the President of Nagaur District Cricket Association. But that too under the name of Lalit Kumar, at that time the dominance of the Rungta faction was considered in the cricket of Rajasthan. From 2005 to 2009, Lalit Modi was the President of RCA. In the month of December 2009, the Rajasthan Cricket Association elections were held. Lalit Modi was defeated by CP Joshi in the election and from here the CP Joshi era started in Rajasthan’s cricket.

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contested elections in London
Elections were held in the Rajasthan Cricket Association in the year 2013 in December. But the court had stayed the result of the election. Election results were declared on 6 May 2014 and Lalit Modi defeated Rampal Sharma for the post of President. After which Modi once again established his dominance in the cricket of Rajasthan. Lalit Modi contested this election sitting in London.

BCCI banned

Due to differences, BCCI had warned that Rajasthan Cricket Association would be banned if Lalit Modi returned to Rajasthan cricket. And the same thing happened with the victory on the post of President, BCCI had banned the Rajasthan Cricket Association. Modi’s tenure was for 4 years but according to the Lodha committee, after the completion of 3 years, the RCA elections were held again.

If Modi did not come, the son’s entry was made

Modi got his son Ruchir entered in the RCA elections. Rajasthan Cricket Association elections were held on June 2017. But Modi’s son Ruchir Modi had to face defeat and CP Joshi occupied the power of RCA. After a long gap, BCCI agreed to organize international cricket matches in Rajasthan. On Wednesday, the T20 match between India and New Zealand was held at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur’s pink city of Rajasthan due to the Kovid period without spectators.

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