Rail News Bilaspur 55 thousand laptop stolen from Dadar station Bilaspur GRP registered a crime

Publish Date: | Mon, 01 Nov 2021 02:40 PM (IST)

Bilaspur(Naiduniya Representative).Rail News Bilaspur: A city passenger’s laptop was stolen at Mumbai’s Dadar railway station. The passenger reached Bilaspur railway station and informed about the incident. On which the GRP has registered an offense in zero. The case diary will be sent to Mumbai for the actual crime and investigation. The incident happened on Sunday. Karan Agarwal, a resident of Link Road, lives in Pune. To come home for the festival, first reach Dadar station from Pune in Konark Express. He had a flight from here. Those things had also come off. After getting off the train and sitting in the platform, someone took advantage of the crowd and stole the laptop.

Although searched for some time in the station but the accused was not seen. The flight was approaching, so she was not in a position to report the incident to the GRP police station. So he decided to reach Bilaspur and register a crime.

Railway has this facility that any passenger can report the incident by reaching the GRP police station of any railway station. After getting off the flight at Raipur airport, reached Bilaspur railway station by train. During this he reached the police station. He gave detailed information regarding the incident in the police station.

Also it was told that the cost of the laptop is 55 thousand rupees. Passengers were upset. Therefore, the GRP asked to give a complaint in writing without hesitation. Based on this, a report of theft was registered in zero. But the real crime will happen only in Mumbai. So the case diary will be sent there in a day or two. The diary will first go to Raipur GRP Headquarters, then to Mumbai.

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