Politics | Fight Municipal elections as Maha Aghadi, NCP National President Sharad Pawar expressed his intention

Fight Municipal elections as Maha Aghadi, NCP National President Sharad Pawar expressed his intention

Nagpur. In the state, three parties are running the power well in the form of Maha Vikas Aghadi. In such a situation, Nationalist Congress National President Sharad Pawar expressed his intention to contest the elections of the Municipal Corporation in the form of Aghadi. He said that all are together. In such a situation, it would be good that everyone fight together. However, local elections give an opportunity to each political party to strengthen its organization at the grassroots level.

This is the reason why local elections are fought separately, despite being together at other levels. At present, there is no discussion about the municipal elections. Still, it would be better if all the three parties come together, otherwise they will fight separately. MP Praful Patel, city president Duneshwar Pethe, former MLA Prakash Gajbhiye, state general secretary Abha Pandey, Vedprakash Arya, Gangaprasad Gwalbanshi, Dilip Pankule etc. were present in the letter council.

The accused in the Deshmukh case is absconding

With reference to former state home minister Anil Deshmukh, Pawar said that how it started, it has to be seen. The then Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh wrote a letter to the CM. In the letter, allegations were made of instructing the policemen to deposit the funds. On this, Parambir was asked whether it has been followed at any level.

On this, he had exposed the information of non-compliance of any kind. The one who complained did not accuse Deshmukh. Despite being baseless allegations, injustice is being done to Deshmukh in false allegations. The one who made the allegations has absconded. It is not even known whether he is in the country or has fled abroad.

Central government should give GST dues of the state

Regarding the state not reducing VAT on petrol, Pawar said that the central government owes a lot of GST funds. If the central government gives GST funds to the state, then the state coffers will be able to fill it. After that definitely a decision can be taken in this regard. Regarding the agitation of ST employees, he said that the organizations should raise their demands but the matter should not be dragged so much that it breaks down. Problems are solved only by coordination and harmony.

Asked about Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s leadership to prepare a front against the BJP at the national level, Pawar said there has never been any controversy over leadership in the front at the national level. The winter session of Parliament is about to begin. All the parties will get a chance to sit together. There will be a discussion on this topic. Even before this, leaders of different parties have called meetings in which leaders of all parties participated. So there is no objection to the leadership.