Political News in Bilaspur Formation of new Inquiry Commission to hide the truth of Jhiram case Amar

Publish Date: | Wed, 17 Nov 2021 08:54 PM (IST)

Bilaspur.Political News in Bilaspur: Senior BJP leader and former minister Amar Agarwal accused the state government of saying that instead of acting on the Jhiram Valley case, Justice Prashant Mishra has shied away from the report without reading it. Describing the lack of decision-making power in the government, the creation of a new commission to investigate the massacre has been described as an act against democratic norms. The investigation report of the Jhiram Ghati case was presented to the Raj Bhavan in the past, making it controversial without reading it and raising questions on the constitutional propriety of the post of Governor is the hallmark of the working style of the Congress. The intention of the government is clear that the government wants to avoid the truth of the matter before the Raj Bhavan sends the report to the government for necessary action. The Jhiram Ghati incident happened on 25 May 2013.

At that time also the UPA government was at the center. After the incident, Rahul Gandhi came to Chhattisgarh. The NIA probe was set up by the Union Home Minister. On May 28, a one-member commission was constituted under the chairmanship of Justice Prashant Mishra of the High Court. Bhupesh Baghel was the President of the State Congress Committee at that time. In Chhattisgarh, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is running a government of contradictions.

Every day they question the structure of cooperative federalism. They neither have faith in central institutions nor in central investigative agencies. It shows their mindset. In fact, if they have evidence, they should have been made public and not with a view to taking advantage, the investigation of the Jhiram Ghati case should be postponed from the point of view of future political opportunity. It is known that if the Judicial Inquiry Commission submits the report, then its term automatically ends.

The Chief Minister is calling the report incomplete by citing some old letter. Whereas there was a need to take prompt action on the basis of the report. The government does not want to implement the Justice Mishra Commission report. It is clear that the government is scared, nervous and the Chief Minister of the state is boasting of having proof of Jhiram in his pocket. They know that with the truth coming out in the Jhiram case, there will be question marks on the hands of the present government. In fact, the Congress government is working to crush the democratic norms, procedures and traditions in the state under the guise of majority. Which is well understood by the people of the state.

Government’s declining credibility

Former minister Amar said that the public is seeing the declining credibility of the Bhupesh government in the last three years. Even the Chief Minister himself is aware of this. That’s why they want to divert the attention of the public to this issue in which they will never succeed.

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