People Are Not Taking Covid Vaccine In Private Hospitals, Million Doses Will Expire Next Month

Bangalore :

An example of how red tape dominates the system even during the Corona period was seen in Karnataka. About 7 lakh vaccines are kept in the same way in private hospitals in Karnataka. Because the vaccine is being given free of cost at government hospitals and health centers. Most vaccines will expire in November. But they are not being sent from private hospitals to government hospitals, because this can be done only through the center.

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In government hospitals where Kovishield and Covaccine are available free of cost. There are more doctors and nurses and fewer vaccine takers. In such a situation, in private hospitals where a dose of Covaccine is being given for Rs 1410 and Kovishield for Rs 780, then who will go there. About 7 lakh doses of vaccine are lying in private hospitals. Of these, there are around 5 lakh covacins and their life is going to end this month.

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Karnataka Private Hospital and Nursing Home Association President Dr Prasanna Kumar says that most of the vaccines are going to expire in November. Now because the vaccine is easily available in government hospitals, people do not turn to private hospitals.

Karnataka Commissioner Randeep Singh said that about 2 crore 30 lakh people in the state have received the second dose of the vaccine. Of these, 52 lakh people are from Bangalore. In such a situation, 8 lakh doses can prove to be helpful for government hospitals. At present I do not have an answer to the question of what will happen to these vaccines. We will find a solution after talking to the government.

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Significantly, on the expiry of the Kovid vaccines, private hospitals will suffer financial loss because they have bought them, but the common people will suffer much more than this. Because, in this difficult time, where there is a shortage of vaccine in many places, due to red tape, the vaccine is on the verge of being ruined.

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