no demand for lamps even on Deepawali, business of potters

The pain of the potters making pottery with lamps…..

Singrauli. What to do after all? Started many other works, but the fascination with the soil is not going away. Due to the ever decreasing demand for earthen pots including lamps, now it is not possible to maintain the family through this family business. Yet the childhood attachment to clay and chalk is such that one gets engaged in work.

This is to say of Ajay Prajapati, resident of Majan village. Ajay, who has been watching the clay taking shape since childhood, is unable to leave the ancestral business even after wanting it. After preparing about 5000 lamps in view of Diwali, Ajay is waiting for customers for sale, but the situation is that only a few customers reach during the day.

He also buys a maximum of a dozen lamps only for the purpose of worship. It is to be said that the demand for earthen lamps has already been taken by candles and electronic skirting. Despite this, apart from the urban area, a large population of rural areas thought of decorating the house with earthen lamps on Diwali, but this time the inflation of mustard oil has ruined the hope left. Most of the people are making candle a substitute.

Wholesalers did not reach to get lamps
Businessman Ajay Prajapati says that about 10 earthen lamps are yet to be lit in the fire, but in view of the low demand, now there is no need to prepare them. Told that earlier wholesalers used to take two to three thousand lamps for sale together, but this time no wholesaler came. Buyers are coming into the retail, but the demand is limited.

Earlier Deepawali was the main source of income
Ram Prasad, who shaped clay into other utensils including lamps, says that earlier the summer season and the festival of Deepawali were the main means of earning throughout the year, but now it is becoming difficult to extract wages. On the other hand the price of all the goods increased, but the cost of pottery is almost the same as before. In such a situation, now it is becoming difficult to run a family.