Neelkamal Singh’s new song ‘Jhareliya’ created a buzz, went viral on the internet. Neelkamal Singh’s new song ‘Jhareliya’ created a buzz went viral on the internet

Rishabh Pandey, Mumbai. Well-known actor and singer Neelkamal Singh of Bhojpuri film industry’s new music video ‘Jhaleria’ has been released. This song has become a super hit as soon as it is released. The craze of this song among the fans is so much that it has been seen more than 23 lakh times in 48 hours. Neelkamal is seen in this song with social media sensation actress Akanksha Dubey. This song is also sung by Neelkamal Singh and Singer Shilpi Raj.

The song ‘Jhareliya’ is doing the rounds on the internet. This song has been released on the official YouTube channel of Bhojpuri Records Worldwide. This is the first time that Neelkamal and Akanksha are seen working together. People are very much liking the chemistry of both the actors.

In the song, Neelkamal Singh can be seen driving an e-rickshaw. Neelkamal mail is written on his e-rickshaw. This video is full of entertainment. The music given in the same video is also amazing. Akanksha is seen playing the role of Neelkamal’s girlfriend in this song.

The lyrics of this song have been written by Ashutosh Tiwari. While the music video is directed by Aryan Dev. Let us inform that Neelkamal Singh has given many hit songs in the past as well. He is also called the hit album artist of Bhojpuri industry. Songs like ‘Jaan Tohar Mummy Kasam’, ‘Generator’ and ‘Mohabbat Pe Bhari Naukri Sarkari’ by Neelkamal have proved to be superhit. His fans are also eagerly waiting for his new music album.

first published:Nov. 17, 2021, 5:16 pm

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