Most Weird Records Of The World In Hindi

Guinness World Records is one of the biggest world records in the world. By the way, every day a new record is made and with this an old record is broken. Many people around the world are awarded Guinness World Records every year. Many of these records are also such, about which you will be surprised to hear. Someone holds the record for pulling the heaviest car with teeth, while someone holds the record for being the most flexible in the world.

In today’s article, we will tell you about the strangest Guinness World Records in the world, which have been created so far. Making this record is not everyone’s business, in the desire to make a record, many people change their physical structure completely. After which the doctors are also surprised to see that how can this person survive like this.

Ellen Davidson-

world records

Ellen Davidson is a Brazilian woman. Elena holds the record for most piercings in the world, for which she received the Guinness World Record in 2000. At the time when Ellen got this record, she had done piercings in more than 450 places. When her piercing was last counted in 2011, she had 6,925 earrings on her body. Everyone is surprised to see that how can so many piercings remain on the body of any human being.

Nick Stoberl-

longest tongue

Nick living in America is 24 years old. Nick has a very strange world record, which you will also be shocked to hear. Nick holds the world record for having the longest tongue in the world, which is about 10.1 cm in length. Nick has this Guinness World Record since 2012, after which Nick became famous for his long tongue around the world.

Lee Redmond-

longest nails

Lee Redmond, who lives in America, has the biggest nails in the world. Lee started growing his nails from 1979, after which now Lee’s nails are about 18 feet 4 inches long. For girls who like long nails, it is a matter of curiosity that how to grow nails. Many people’s nails can come in such long nails of Lee.

Ram Singh-

longest mustache

Mustache craze has always been there in India, so this record should come only in India’s part. Ram Singh, a resident of Jaipur, has the world’s largest mustache, which is about 14 feet in length. Ram has not cut his mustache for almost 37 years, due to which his length is increasing day by day. In 2010, he got ‘Low Show Die Record’ during a TV show in Italy.

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Gary Turner-

stretchable body

Gary Turner, who lives in Los Angeles, had a strange disease, due to which his body became very flexible. Today Gary holds the world record for having the most flexible body in the world. Gary used to work in a circus, where he used to perform tricks with his flexible skin. Once Gary was juggling, he drew his face in such a way that many people got scared.

Gary can stretch his stomach up to 14 cm which no normal human can do. Due to this strange disease, Gary has got the world record for being the most flexible in the world.

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Jack the Macau-

jack the makyo

Not only humans but also animals have many Guinness World Records. One such parrot has the world record for opening most cans in 1 minute. The parrot had set the world record for opening the most cans in 2012, after which this parrot became famous all over the world. Jack opened a total of 35 cans in 1 minute, after which he deserved the record. Just try it out how many cans you can open in 1 minute.

Sandeep Singh Kaila-

weird world records

World record maker Sandeep is a resident of Canada. Sandeep holds the record for spinning a basketball with the help of a toothbrush. This record was made by Sandeep in 2019, after which he was given the Guinness Book of World Records. Sandeep can spin a basketball with a toothbrush for 8.5 seconds in a minute. Really these are very strange people, here we are not able to spin the basketball for a long time even with the help of a finger and in the same place Sandeep spins the basketball with the help of a brush kept in his mouth.

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