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Not only destination, life's companions are also happiness and peace

Brahma Kumari Shukla

Everyone wants happiness and peace in life. To achieve that goal, a person struggles and works hard. also takes risks. But leave aside the matter of people who are deprived of achieving the goal, the happiness of the one who is successful in achieving the goal does not last long. Because often his state of mind is not able to keep up with the goal. He wants to get happiness and peace. But if he becomes restless, restless and tense in order to achieve it, the destination moves away from him. Actually, a life of happiness, peace and happiness is not only the destination, it is also the way and art of living life. It is a companion in the way of life. In fact, we have to live in happiness and peace, not for happiness and peace.

If seen, happiness is a personal quality and nature of our soul. True peace and happiness beyond sense pleasures is our Swadharma and Atmadharma. Which we seek in the outer world, person, thing, splendor, for which we fight and fight.

This world is a maze. Man forgets the way out of it, because he forgets the God who shows the path of truth. Due to the mistake of forgetting God, many mistakes keep happening to him. The whole life man gets entangled in the illusionary web of mentality and karma-bhog. Behind momentary sense pleasures, true spiritual happiness loses peace. Man forgets that the world is a traveler’s food. Whoever comes here also has to go back. Man considers this limitless theater of creation to be home.

In the absence of right knowledge and self-realization, man gets caught in the attraction of the theater of the world. Makes his life and the world a battleground for sense enjoyment, disorder, addiction and evils. He makes the world’s amphitheater a battlefield for his evil intentions, wrong deeds and narrow selfishness. In the absence of human sensitivity and service, the relationships and relationships of human beings become bonds. Human life and society eventually turns into constant conflict, tension, violence.

Everyone wants to get rid of these negative situations. Finds the way to get rid of sorrow, unrest and liberation from life. Keeps in search of the right path through virtue and good education. Infatuation gets lost in the maze of Maya. Like an animal, he is bound by the bondage of karma. Sometimes his behavior towards others and the behavior of others towards him also becomes violent and animalistic.

Only by the constant realization of true self-knowledge and divine memory, inner strength and power can be attained and freedom from worldly bondage is possible. That is why the God who frees us from these worldly loops is also called Pashupatinath. Shiva is also the lord of the Pashupati weapon, that is, the end of the animal instincts of human beings.

Only by regular practice of yoga with divine knowledge and God Shiva can the life of a human become from animal like to human and godlike. A creation like hell can become like heaven. One can get emancipation from hell forever. Only by adopting the true form of God, His transcendental knowledge and best doctrine, shrimat, we can get freedom from vicious and painful bonds, human life can get right direction and happy condition.